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Hours After Controversial SCOTUS Ruling “Dissolve The Supreme Court” Demand Comes From Failed Commentator Keith Olbermann

Given all the Major Rulings dropping from the Supreme Court this week, it’s no surprise to see so many pundits weighing in. This includes high-profile individuals outside the political sphere, of course.

For example, after the high court struck down New York’s proper cause requirement for concealed carry, one sports commentator had an immediate reaction — and many say it’s a step too far.

He doesn’t just want different Justices on the Supreme Court, and he doesn’t merely disagree with the ruling.

No, He Actually Wants The Court To Disappear Entirely.

Ever since the now-infamous Roe v. Wade SCOTUS leak, left-wing citizens and Democrat leaders have been making their voices heard. And some of these voices are saying some very disturbing things, according to the other side.

The targeting of pro-life organizations and facilities, for example, has led to deep concern.

And when it comes to Constitutional rights – i.e., the Second Amendment – the left is just as vocal, and maybe just as authoritarian. Sports commentator Keith Olbermann might certainly qualify.

Here’s his tweet not long after the SCOTUS ruling regarding concealed carry in NY:

Less than ten minutes later, he tweeted: “Hey SCOTUS Send The SCOTUS Army Here To Enforce Your Ruling, You House Of Lords Radicals Pretending To Be A Court.”

Critics wonder what he’d be saying if the Court had issued a ruling Olbermann agreed with. If SCOTUS can’t enforce ruling and is full of “House of Lords radicals,” then that must include all issues.

Obviously, many say he’s simply throwing a tantrum because he didn’t agree with the decision.

It’s no surprise from Olbermann, as he previously claimed that the Second Amendment doesn’t give Americans the right to “own” guns. That’s when he wrote on Twitter:

Clearly, Olbermann believes his interpretation of 2A is correct, while the United States’ interpretation – the same interpretation that has been in place for several hundred years – is incorrect.

The entire purpose of the Supreme Court is to uphold the Constitution, as it did earlier this week in a case concerning the First Amendment.

However, the Constitution has become a thorny issue in recent years, as many leftist leaders and citizens think parts of the document are outdated, and require amendments or even outright removal.

This doesn’t sit well with those who support the Constitution 100%, and poses a problem to our justice system.

But so long as the laws of the land are in place, many would probably agree that it remains the job of SCOTUS to uphold that law. If they want it to change, they’d have to change the law first.


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