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2022 Midterm Upset Is Brewing In Blue State – For The First Time In 35 Years, A Republican Could Be Governor In Oregon

As we approach the midterm elections, Republicans remain confident in their chances to flip the House and possibly the Senate. This is due to polls and surveys that indicate a “red wave” this fall.

The Biden administration’s approval numbers continue to struggle and reports are showing significant shifts toward right-leaning politicians across the country.

And This Shift Is Even Happening In Historically Blue States — In Fact, One Might See A Republican Governor For The First Time Since 1987.

There have been rumblings of regime changes in various Democrat strongholds across the nation. Even largely left-wing states like California have shown glimpses of “red wave” activity in the past few years.

Typically, however, these movements don’t usually involve such high-ranking positions as Governor.

But that’s what could happen in Oregon: the state hasn’t had a GOP representative in the Governor’s seat in 35 years, and few expected that trend to change any time soon. Oregon is a leftist bastion, after all.

New polling tells a very different story, though.

Via The Daily Caller:

Democrats have firmly held Oregon’s gubernatorial office since 1987, but with the party deeply unpopular and a duo of competitive challengers, that could change in November.

The race is neck and neck according to the most recent polling coming out of Nelson Research in late May.

Former House Minority Leader Republican Christine Drazan stands at just under 30% and former Democrat House Speaker Tina Kotek at 28%, while Independent Betsy Johnson lags behind at roughly 19%. Democratic incumbent Kate Brown cannot run for reelection.

Even if Gov. Brown could run for reelection, it’s likely that she wouldn’t retain her position.

According to a Q1 2022 poll, Brown is the least popular governor in the entire country. The state has suffered through soaring homelessness and crime rates, and many citizens blame this on poor leadership.

Currently, Only 18 Percent Of Residents Believe The State Is Going In The Right Direction.

Violent crime in Portland is hitting all-time highs and the rural areas are even more anti-Brown — nine counties recently voted to secede and join “Greater Idaho.”

This might be hurting Democrat candidate Kotek’s campaign because at this point, Oregonians don’t seem to want another Democrat Governor. The state’s issues are too severe to ignore and a change might be necessary.

As for Republican candidate Drazan, her campaign manager – Trey Rosser – thinks their chances are good:

Oregonians are waking up to [Democrats’] failed records and looking for someone who will lead our state.

Tina Kotek, Betsy Johnson, and Governor Kate Brown bear the brunt of responsibility for Oregon’s decade of decline.

Together, they’ve raised taxes by billions, allowed our streets to descend into chaos and violence, passed policies that have exacerbated our homeless crisis, and left our schools mired in mediocrity.

These are common complaints heard from Republican leaders today, and they appear to make valid points.

The general tone of the country feels like it’s leaning more right, as we recently learned that far more voters have switched to the GOP when compared to voters changing to Democrat.

And if Oregon really does go for a Republican Governor for the first time in decades, that signals a momentous change as well.

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