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Biden Sent Into Freefall By ‘Airmageddon’ – Upcoming Flights Are Not Only Being Cancelled, They May Also Be Unsafe

Now that summer is here, Americans are ready to spend time with families and enjoy the warm weather. But Biden’s new, transformed America will make it hard for patriots to enjoy it.

Last year, his administration bragged about how Americans would save pennies on their cookouts (no bragging this time around as food prices are upwards of 35% higher).

Now, it looks like Joe is now dealing with another crippling shortage: “Airmageddon.” From CBS News:

But the real crunch: 3.5 million people are expected to fly this holiday weekend. Airfares cost, on average, 14% more, and in some markets have quadrupled. And hotel rates are up a whopping 23% since 2021.

And all this is happening as the major airline and travel stakeholders spar over delays and cancellations.

The increased demand for flights could result in massive cancellations and delays, putting strain on Americans for the holiday weekend. But it’s worse than that.

From The Sun:

AN AMERICAN pilot has warned that a nationwide staff shortage is making flights unsafe for passengers…

“I don’t fly the airplane unless I’m fit to fly and the airplane’s ready to go. But the fact that you’re pushing us and pushing us… This is not a safety culture.”

Under Biden’s watch, the U.S. airline industry is suffering a shocking shortage of pilots. The holiday weekend will bring increased demand for travel, resulting in delays, high costs, and cancellations.

But one pilot is worried that the lack of good pilots could create an unsafe situation. Because there aren’t enough pilots to meet demand, airlines are pressuring pilots to take on more than they should.

It could create a scenario where pilots are not as sharp or ready as they should be. That will not be good for anyone hoping for a smooth and safe flight.

While this is going on, the Biden administration prioritizes things that are not helping the country. Biden is asleep as numerous shortages and crises hit our country.

He’s done very little to try to fix the immediate gas crisis, the supply chain crisis, the computer chip shortage, the pilot shortage, and more.

It’s hard to believe a proactive, America-first administration wouldn’t do everything it could to address these issues.

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