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Biden’s Latest Press Conference Goes Off The Rails – On Video America Watches Joe Get His ‘Puppet Strings’ Pulled

For a long time, we’ve said that Joe Biden doesn’t seem to be in charge. Evidence has suggested his “handlers” make the decisions for him—but they are hiding this from the public.

(They even hid one of their staff in an Easter Bunny costume to keep him from talking.)

That hasn’t appeared to change. During a (very rare) press conference overseas, Biden reveals just how much his “puppet strings” are pulled.

From YouTube:

President Joe Biden said his staff “told” him to call on reporters from a pre-approved list, during his press conference in Madrid, Spain on 6/30/2022.

How pathetic. This White House has to control Biden so much, that they created a pre-approved list of reporters.

How much do you want to bet their questions had to be vetted by the White House, so they could write Biden’s responses?

But during the event, Biden did not deviate from the talking points his administration (and the media) have been pushing.

From YouTube:

President Joe Biden blamed “Russia, Russia, Russia” for high gas prices and takes no responsibility, during his press conference in Madrid, Spain on 6/30/2022.

No, Joe. Saying it three times fast isn’t going to make people suddenly believe you.

That’s not the main reason why gas prices are up. (And even if that was the truth, why is Biden not doing more to change that?)

After this humiliating spectacle, Biden has no clue what to do or where to go.

From YouTube:

President Joe Biden looked confused after speech and said “which way am I going?,” during his press conference in Madrid, Spain on 6/30/2022.

Is this a joke? Biden didn’t even know where he was going after the “press conference.” He had a list of reporters to call on. He refused to take responsibility for a crippling gas crisis.

And at the end, he couldn’t even decide how to leave the building.

This is all par for the course with this administration. Joe Biden, from the start of his time in office, appears confused, disinterested, and wholly incapable of leading.

America has been hit with one crisis after another since January 2021, yet Biden does nothing. In fact, the decisions “he” makes only turn problems into catastrophes.

His handlers work overtime to keep him from the public, only adding to people’s fears that the man is unwell.

Medical professionals have called for him to take a cognitive exam. But his team and the party refuse to even acknowledge that.

This suggests they know something’s wrong, but they refuse to admit it. Imagine being so power-hungry and cruel that you’d let a man who clearly doesn’t have the mental capability to run a country still walk around like he’s the president, just reading off cue cards.

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