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Conservative MTG Just Got ‘Swatted’ For A 2nd Time – Greene’s Home Gets Police Called With ‘False Crime’

Say what you will about Marjorie Taylor Greene, but she certainly has gotten under the left’s skin.

They tried to block her from appearing on the ballot but failed. Now it seems, they are resorting to other tactics to harass the Republican.

Because, for the second time, someone sent police to her home.

From The Hill:

An individual reported a fake crime at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s (R-Ga.) home early Thursday morning, the second “swatting” incident at her residence in as many days…

A local 911 call center received a chat at 2:53 a.m. on what appeared to be a suicide chat line, with the individual claiming they came out as transgender and possibly shot their family, according to a police report…

The Rome Police Department said officers responded to Greene’s home and confirmed it was a false report after speaking with her at the door.

Someone used a VPN to mask their location while they spoke to a 911 line. They called themselves “Wayne Greene” and convinced the cops to go to the home of Republican congresswoman Wayne Greene.

This was the second time someone reported a fake crime and got cops to bother the politician. This is often times called “swatting.”

Just one day before, someone called 911 using a computer-generated voice. They claimed someone had been shot at Greene’s house, sending cops over.

It appears these attacks are coming from leftists who accuse Greene of discriminating against “transgender youth.”

This controversial issue has become a trigger for many on the left. With some going to great lengths to challenge or intimidate anyone who disagrees with them.

Marjorie Taylor Greene has been a thorn in the left’s side over her views on the 2020 Election and her dogged support of Donald Trump.

Democrats had previously tried to stop her from taking her seat in Congress. They have also tried to get her name removed from the 2022 ballot.

It seems the left doesn’t know how to fight fair against an uncompromising politician. All they know how to do is use dirty tricks.

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