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Biden’s Charges On ‘Whipping’ Border Agents Slips Out

Liberals in the media spread claims that Border agents were “whipping” border jumpers. But the facts came out, proving that they were doing no such thing.

That hasn’t stopped open-borders Biden from attacking our law enforcement agents. These are the charges he’s throwing at them.

rom Daily Caller:

The first charge is for “poor judgment” for instructing noncitizens “to go back to Mexico, or words to that effect,” while the second is for “unsafe conduct” for maneuvering the agent’s horse “in a way that caused a noncitizen to fall backward into the Rio Grande River … thereby compromising the safety of the noncitizen, yourself, and your horse.”

Because no Border agent “whipped” someone illegally entering the country, the politicized and pathetic CBP had to come up with questionable charges against these agents.

According to reports, they are being accused of “poor judgment” and “unsafe conduct.”

Right, because a lot of people are in jail over “poor judgment.”

These sound like shaky charges at best. And, if I were these men, I’d hire the best lawyers I could find.

The Biden administration has long turned a blind eye to the border crisis. But, when they do pay attention, it is to punish our Border agents and the other officers who fight to keep us safe.

Border Patrol has been given few resources in the overwhelming tide of illegal entry over the border.

Criminal aliens, drug cartel members, and human traffickers have gotten over the border again and again.

Only recently did police find an 18-wheeler in San Antonio, with over 100 migrants trapped inside. At least 55 of them died, due to harsh conditions.

These kinds of horrors didn’t happen on Trump’s watch. They are happening because good men like these Border agents are being painted as villains.

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