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After 20 Whistleblowers Crack Open the FBI – Now Internal Agents Are Calling for Resignation of FBI Director


What’s Happening:

Not that long ago, Donald Trump called on the FBI agents to stand up to their politicized leaders. That includes President Biden, who claims he knows nothing about what’s been going on at the FBI.

Already, we saw dozens of “rank-and-file” agents approaching Republican lawmakers. They exposed a number of top brass who undermined investigations to seemingly help Democrats.

One official has been forced out. Now, a growing number of agents want the top dog gone.

From The Washington Times:

Kurt Siuzdak, a lawyer and former FBI agent who represents whistleblowers at the bureau, said agents tell him that Mr. Wray has lost control of the agency and should resign…

FBI whistleblowers talking to Congress about corruption and retaliation say in disclosures that Mr. Wray was often notified of the problems within the bureau but never took action to resolve them.

This is pretty big. Numerous FBI agents are pushing back against the agency.

They are demanding that Christopher Wray, the current director, step down.

There doesn’t seem to be evidence that Wray has done wrong. However, whistleblowers revealed that the many problems within the FBI have long been reported to the director.

But he’s done nothing about it.

Recent reports revealed that top officials have coerced agents into signing false affidavits, accusations of sexual harassment, and even fabricated terrorism claims.

This comes just after bombshell reports that “top brass” suppressed the Hunter Biden laptop investigation intentionally to avoid influencing the 2020 Election. That is to say, actively influence the election.

One top agent was forced to resign after a claim that he suppressed the partisan nature of evidence to get an investigation opened on Trump.

Now all of this is blowing back on Director Wray. Agents are saying the director has ignored these growing problems, only saying they need more training, etc.

Some are saying Wray has lost control of the bureau and that “chaos” is reining.

Hmm… sounds about right for a Biden-led agency!

At least 20 whistleblowers have approached Republican congressmen with information. The pressure is mounting for something to change.

If we had a real president, Wray would already be gone. But it’s up to Republicans to do the hard work, once they retake the majority.

Key Takeaways:

  • Over 20 FBI whistleblowers have exposed the “chaos” within the FBI.
  • Many are blaming Director Wray for being all talk and no action.
  • Pressure appears to be mounting for the director to step down.

Source: The Washington Times

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