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Biden Tries To Commandeer TV For Political Speech

Critics have panned Joe Biden’s speech, calling it divisive and ominous. Photos from the speech depict Biden as a “Satanic Ghoul” as he called Trump supporters “extremists.”

But his dark message might not have had the effect he wanted. Because, while Biden was ranting, major networks aired reruns.

From Daily Caller:

Several major broadcast networks ran reruns instead of carrying President Joe Biden’s Thursday evening speech in which he characterized “MAGA Republicans” as a threat to democracy…

ABC, CBS and NBC chose other shows over the speech and Fox ran “Tucker Carlson Tonight” while MSNBC and CNN ran the Biden speech, according to Deadline.

Well, isn’t this interesting? While Joe Biden was shouting attacks while calling for unity, most Americans didn’t even watch it.

It appears only MSNBC and CNN ran the speech. Major networks ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News did not.

In fact, some of these networks aired old episodes of TV sitcoms or dramas.

Hey, the media might be run by liberals, but ratings are ratings. And if they think another bizarre, unpleasant, and damaging Joe Biden speech is going to lower ratings, they aren’t airing it.

Perhaps they got a glimpse of this speech and realized that not airing was better for Democrats than airing it.

It doesn’t seem that many people who did watch it came away with positive thoughts.

This only illustrates just how unpopular Joe Biden is with most Americans. A man with the worst approval ratings of an American president is death to network television.

(So are most Democrats, given Pelosi’s J6 ratings.)

You’d think liberal networks would love old Joe calling Republicans threats to democracy for supporting Trump.

Instead, NBC thought a rerun of Law and Order would perform better than another look at this strange presidency.

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