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Americans Roll Their Eyes At Biden’s New Scapegoat – Instead Of Russia, Now Economy Is All GOP’s Fault

Joe Biden is out of ideas. His approval has sunk below 30% and even Democrats don’t want him.

But instead of righting the ship and taking responsibility, his bankrupt administration continues to point fingers.

But he is no longer whining about Russia. Now, Joe says he knows who the real bad guy is. YOU.

From Fox News:

President Joe Biden is facing backlash for a tweet posted on his Twitter account that blamed Republicans for the country’s economic problems…

Scott Jennings, a CNN contributor and Bush White House alumnus tweeted, “88% wrong track + 38% job approval = good f’ing luck with this BS.”

“Americans know the TRUTH Big Guy. No one is buying your blame game. YOU and Democrats OWN INFLATION. Your policies are making it FAR WORSE,” tweeted conservative political writer Kimberly Morin.

Americans were quick to slam a tweet by the Biden administration, which blamed the current economic problems on Republicans.

Not that long ago, Biden’s team was claiming there were no economic problems. They claimed we have the best economy in history!

Then, they pivoted to blame Russia, oil companies, and even gas stations. Now, he claims Republicans are “doing nothing but obstructing our efforts.”

Efforts, Joe? What efforts? Biden is the one keeping our oil industry shut down. He failed to fix the supply chain.

He was the one who sold millions of barrels of oil to China. And he’s the one who is keeping the border under siege by migrants.

Biden’s “efforts” only involve making things worse by wasting billions in tax dollars.

Thank goodness Republicans are around to stop Biden from making the problem so bad, that we would never recover.

Users pointed to polls that have Biden’s approval in the gutter. Americans aren’t blaming Republicans, since they do not have the majority.

Can Joe explain how, with a majority in Congress, it’s the GOP’s fault the economy is struggling?

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