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California Governor Caught By Taxpayers

Democrats have long feuded with conservative, freedom-loving states. They have gotten so petty, that they have banned travel by state employees to a number of Republican-led states.

But that didn’t seem to bother California Gov. Gavin Newsom. Even though he forbids his own staffers from going to this one place, he vacationed there—on taxpayers’ dime.

From Daily Wire:

State taxpayers reportedly picked up the tab for California Governor Gavin Newsom‘s security detail during his recent vacation to Montana, despite a ban on state-funded travel to Big Sky Country and 21 other states whose laws offend Left-coast liberals.

The California law that forbids staff employees from flying to Montana and other red states conveniently has an exception for “security.”

Oh, so I guess Newsom—one of the few state officials who enjoy security—can get away with this hypocrisy?

It’s it hilarious how Democrats can’t even follow their own, bigoted rules? California Democrats, bitter that Montana residents enjoy more freedom than they do, think they are hurting them by banning travel there (and 21 other states).

Montanans are probably happy that California Democrats can’t go there.

If Democrats like Newsom hate Big Sky Country so much, why is he going there? His office claims it was to visit his grandparents.

Okay, then pay for your own security. Why does this man think he needs security? Does he think he’s as important as Donald Trump?

What’s going to happen in Montana? Is a moose going to get him?

This was the same governor who banned residents from going to restaurants in 2020. But was seen dining, against his own mandates, at restaurants—twice.

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