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Parents Strike Back Against Far-Left Schools


For millions of American parents, there’s just one topic on their minds today: what their children are learning in school, and the far-left policies that seem to be infiltrating every corner of education.

Many of these parents are especially frustrated at having little say in what’s going on. It doesn’t help when most people in power are heavily liberal, and support ideas like Drag Queen Story Hour.

Some states are fighting back against the regime, though. And Now Parents Are, Too.

Multiple education groups are going after the Department of Education (DOE) for assembling a council of far-left activists. These people are in charge of addressing school and parent concerns.

And because they’re all basically far-left, parents say this council doesn’t do anything but “rubber-stamp” the leftist agenda.

America First Legal, Parents Defending Education, and Fight for Schools and Families are combining in this lawsuit against the DOE, and are accusing the council of being “partisan” and hugely biased.

Said America First Legal Vice President and General Counsel Gene Hamilton:

It’s important that if we have councils, that their views be independent and not be rubber-stamped and influenced inappropriately by inventive actors.

We don’t think that the council is free from inappropriate influence from the Biden administration.

The suit wants to keep the Biden administration accountable to FACA requirements, and seeks to stop the council from acting until it complies with FACA rules.

If the council continues to function, the plaintiffs argue that it increases the chance of “politicization in K-12 education.” This has been the #1 concern of many parents over the past few years.

These parents also claim they’re being entirely ignored, and the federal government is basically telling schools and teachers how to function.

Said Parents Defending Education President Nicole Neily:

Our concerns are not viewed or not being aired whatsoever.

The federal government will make really one-sided decisions because they will not have heard from the full breadth of parental experience.

Technically, the council is supposed to “facilitate strong and effective relationships between schools and parents.” However, those involved in the lawsuit say these relationships are heavily one-sided.

They also cite several left-wing groups included in this council, such as The National Parents Union, which believes schools should “eradicate generational institutions of oppression.”

This is hardly the first time angry parents have fought back against entrenched powers in education:

Most recently, “silenced parents” struck back against an Arizona school district for being ignored on several key topics. According to polling, most parents don’t believe politics should play a role in basic schooling.

And of course, the overwhelming majority believe they should have a say in their children’s education.

They worry that their power as parents is being stripped away at an alarming pace, and the state is seeking to indoctrinate every student with the same information. Many claim it’s just straight propaganda at this point.

At the very least, parents believe they should be allowed to speak up — and be heard.

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