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Democrats Double-Ditched In ‘Great Realignment’ – Biden’s Party Gets Abandoned By Young And Hispanic Voters

We’ve seen the signs that Democrats are in big trouble this November. But their crisis goes well beyond the midterm elections.

Biden and his party’s insistence to obey progressive socialists has hurt numerous Americans. Perhaps some more than others. And it turns out they are losing a must-have group of supporters.

From The Hill:

President Biden is facing a disaster with young voters, increasing fears among Democrats that they are in danger of losing a generation if he doesn’t improve his standing with Generation Z.

Biden’s approval rating has declined across the board among Democrats, but the figures with people under 30 years old is cratering.

But it’s not just young people the left is losing. A major demographic is ditching the party.

From Fox News:

The “biggest political story of our time” is the major shift in the demographics of the two parties, with Republicans gaining major ground among Hispanic voters and becoming increasingly working-class and multiracial, according to a new report by Axios.

The Biden-induced recession has hurt Americans of all stripes. But it is hurting young Americans the most.

College graduates just entering the workforce, with little accrued wealth, are fighting for an increasingly small pool of jobs (thanks to unchecked migration).

And staggeringly high costs are making it impossible for them to afford a home and other necessities.

Why wouldn’t more Zoomers ditch a party that doesn’t care about their future?

The same can be said of Hispanic Americans. Biden and his party horribly miscalculated when they assumed Hispanic voters would support their open border policy.

It didn’t occur to old Joe and his cronies that most Hispanic Americans are Americans. They don’t support border jumpers just as much as anyone else.

Add to that Biden’s love for Communist Cuba and other South American dictatorships (countries from which many Hispanics fled), you have a recipe for disaster.

Meanwhile, Republicans are promising lower taxes, limited government, and no-wokeness. That’s enough for millions of young and Hispanic Americans to jump ship.

But most of the left continues to ignore these trends. They have convinced themselves that Republicans are racist old men who can’t win over new voters.

Shockingly enough, that seems far truer today for Democrats.


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