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Whistle Blown On Biden Spending In Taxpayer Relief Bill – It Looks Like Joe Sent Money Around The Country To Push Social And Climate Justice

Several times over the last two years, Joe Biden demanded billions in C19 relief. Despite the fact the country was recovering (and we needed people to go back to work), he claimed the situation demanded more tax dollars.

And his Congress was all too willing to shell out our money, with no clear way on how to pay for it.

But it all was worth it, right? It helped this failing administration address C19? Not even close.

From Fox News:

Dozens of cultural and educational institutions spent millions in taxpayers dollars from President Biden’s $1.9 trillion C19 relief package to fund programs pushing social and climate justice…

However, many of the institutions were awarded grants for projects that had little to do with addressing recovery efforts from the pandemic…

For instance, $499,023 went to the University of Montana for multiple programs on racial justice, including a public lecture series on “racial justice, death and Indigenous knowledge.”

Another $50,000 in ARP funds went to a nonprofit organization in the Northern Mariana Islands called 500 Sails for “reopening programs that teach Indigenous canoe-building and explore pre-colonial sea life.”

Ahem, this is why we are so against runaway government spending! Biden can claim this money is supposed to go to C19 all he wants.

But once those checks clear, these groups will do anything they want with it.

Biden gave out hundreds of millions of dollars to various institutions. These groups claimed the money was to keep staff working during the pandemic.

You probably expected them to spend the money on hand sanitizing stations, protective barriers, and stuff like that. Nope.

Much of this money was spent on anything but C19-related issues. Some of it was spent on “social justice” programs.

Others were used for lectures about “racial justice” and other woke propaganda. In one case, $50,000 of your money was used to teach people how to build canoes.

Um… I’m pretty sure Indigenous people can learn how to build canoes themselves. There are probably a hundred YouTube videos on the subject.

Naturally, we can expect Biden to not hold these groups accountable. When the government gives out money, there is supposed to be some kind of follow-through.

If money is wasted, the government has the right to demand it back. But I won’t hold my breath waiting for Corrupt Joe to do that.

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