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Just Days After Landmark Supreme Court Decision – Florida Gets Court Victory To Keep Restrictions In Effect


Following many other red states, Florida passed a 15-week ban on abortions back in March. With the overturning of Roe by the Supreme Court, that law is not violating any federal policies.

But abortion advocates, eager to protect this largely hated practice, claimed it violated Florida’s constitution.

A judge blocked the law temporarily, allowing abortions to continue. But it refused to let the block stay in place.

From Daily Wire:

Florida’s new ban on abortion after 15 weeks will remain in force while ongoing litigation over its constitutionality plays out in the courts…

The law was challenged on the grounds that it violated a privacy provision in the Florida Constitution. Without the new restrictions, abortion in Florida would remain legal up through the first 24 weeks in pregnancy, and its 55 abortion clinics could remain in operation.

It appears abortion advocates wanted this law overturned, so women seeking abortions in neighboring states could flee to FL to get one.

The left wanted to turn Florida into some kind of sanctuary for abortion. But the new 15-week ban would upend that attempt.

With Roe overturned, Democrats have to resort to claiming the Florida constitution protected abortion.

But Judge Cooper, who issued a temporary injunction on the new law, vacated the injunction after the state appealed.

The judge didn’t seem to buy the left’s argument that women are in “desperate need” to kill their babies—I mean, abort a pregnancy.

The fate of this law, however, is still in question. Most pro-lifers will agree that a 15-week ban isn’t enough and the most conservative governor in America needs to pass an outright ban.

But before that can happen, this case needs to be played out. It could very well reach the state’s Supreme Court, which will have to make the call.


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