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After GOP Moves To Lock In The 9-Justice Supreme Court – Democrats Dare To Stand Up To Precedent And Block It

Democrats seem to play by their own set of rules. If things aren’t working their way, they’ll just change the rules!

That appears to be the case with our conservative-leaning Supreme Court. Radical leftists have long called for packing the court—breaking from over a century of tradition.

Republicans tried to block future attempts at court packing with a resolution. Guess what happened?

From Fox News:

House Democrats again blocked a Republican resolution in the lower chamber aiming to create a constitutional amendment to cap the number of Supreme Court justices at nine.

The joint resolution led by Rep. Dusty Johnson, R-S.D., was voted down by 218 Democrats in the House as more of the blue party members sound off against the court over the overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Democrats blocked a resolution by House Republicans that would move forward with a plan to keep the Supreme Court at 9 justices.

This doesn’t mean they can pack the court any time soon. It just means Democrats refused to support a measure to protect the current court.

Democrats have tried to pack the court with their own judges for years, going all the way back to FDR.

Recently, far-left Democrats have talked about adding at least a dozen more justices, to create a massive liberal majority.

Attempts to do this have failed, as a number of moderates in the Senate oppose it.

But it might only be a matter of time before enough Democrats in Congress conspire to erode the integrity of the third branch of the federal government.

The Supreme Court exists to check the power of Congress and the White House. But it seems Democrats want to tear up the system, so they can dominate every branch.

Balance of power be damned, it seems.

Perhaps the only way this will be stopped is if constitutionally-minded Republicans regain Congress and pass a measure themselves?


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