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Democrats Just Jumped Off The Deep End For Midterms – Instead Of Moderating They Plan To Go “Scorched-Earth”

Joe Biden ran on the claim he’d be a “moderate” president. He promised to work with both parties to get things done.

But not once has he done that while in office.

Now, with the midterms looming—and Democrats poised to lose big—they are throwing away any pretense of uniting the country.

From The Hill:

[W]ith roughly three months until the midterm elections, they now are encouraging a more forceful approach from Biden on down.

“Democrats should be savaging Republicans for destroying people’s lives,” said Bill Neidhardt, a progressive operative who worked on messaging strategy for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.)…

Uygur is among a chorus of outspoken voices who have been calling for Biden to use a scorched-earth approach to take on Republicans.

Oh, this is rich. Democrats, protected by a dishonest media, have pretended to be the “good guys” for years.

Michelle Obama even once claimed they “go high.” When have they ever done that? Beats us.

But now, with little hope of winning this November, they are showing their true colors.

The true colors of a party that encouraged riots, refused to condemn anti-Semitism, applauded threats against the Supreme Court, and slanders half the country as racist.

Suddenly now, they are claiming they are going to get “tough” with Republicans.

The hilarity continues, though. These Democrats are advocating that Joe Biden stop playing Mr. Nice Guy and go for Republicans’ throats.

If they are placing their trust in Biden to win the day, they really are delusional.

Some are calling for a “scorched-earth” campaign against Republicans. Really? When haven’t they branded conservatives as evil?

Right now, they are claiming Republicans are “taking away every freedom we’ve had.”

Democrats are the ones who shut down the First Amendment (by closing churches and pushing “disinformation” censoring). They consistently call for an end to the Second Amendment.

They even tried to take away our jobs, if we didn’t get a vaccine.

But Republicans are taking away “every freedom” because the Supreme Court ended Roe? Give me a break.

We hope Democrats try a scorched earth campaign. We hope they get as ugly as they can get. Let the world know how little you think of honest Americans.

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