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New Country Star Hit Song Puts Liberals In Their Place – Chart-Topper Tells Democrats To ‘Stick Your Progress Where The Sun Don’t Shine’

The liberal-run entertainment has tarnished its reputation by pushing woke politics into nearly all of its content.

Not only that, but they have tried to blacklist entertainers who buck their agenda.

That was the case for legendary artist John Rich. He could release his new track on a label. So, he went directly to the people.

And the people responded, big time.

From The Western Journal:

One half of the successful country music duo Big and Rich, Rich has a clear message for President Joe Biden and the Democrats. From the very outset, the song is effective in delivering this idea…

“Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine,” Rich sang…

According to Just the News, Rich’s message was effective almost instantly. “Progress” reached No. 1 on the Apple iTunes chart just hours after its release.

John Rich, member of the mega-popular Country group Big and Rich, did not have label support when it came time to release his new single.

He simply put it out, on his own, via Apple Music and Spotify. He didn’t even publicize it through traditional social media outlets (considering how woke they’ve become).

He spread the word through Donald Trump’s new TRUTH Social and Rumble, an alternative to YouTube.

In a matter of hours after the release, the song became number one on Apple’s charts. It beat out major record label artists across all genres.

The song is a rebuke to the radical left and Biden administration. Called “Progress,” Rich criticizes Biden’s socialist agenda.

And he sings proudly, “Stick your progress where the sun don’t shine.”

The liberal elite is probably disgusted by Rich’s ashamed attack on their agenda.

But Americans from all walks of life clearly love it. Rich was not afraid to challenge the woke left and is reaping the rewards.

In recent months, artists have released songs critical of Joe Biden. Although they’ve lacked major record label backing, many of these songs have soared on the charts.

Rich is the latest, and arguably the biggest, artist to do so.

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