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Newt Gingrich Gives Left-Field 2022 Prediction – The Former Speaker Says Senate Races Will Be Landslide For GOP

Much has been said about the Republican Party’s chances at taking back the House. Polls and other factors suggest they will flip the House and gain a much-needed majority.

But what about the Senate? Only a few seats could decide who runs the upper chamber.

And former House Speaker and political strategist Newt Gingrich is making his prediction.

From Newsweek:

But if the 2022 Senate elections are analyzed and run as a big, nationalized races, the Democrats will likely lose the Senate by a wide margin…

When you have 9.1% inflation (compared to 1.4% inflation when Donald Trump left office), Democratic candidates at any level should feel like they are in trouble. The highest price of gasoline in history—more than double the price just two years ago—does not help them…

Given all these big problems, it is difficult to see how we can expect small race outcomes in U.S. Senate races.

Newt Gingrich is predicting that if Republican candidates for Senate run “big race campaigns,” meaning campaigns that focus on national issues, they will win by a “wide margin.”

Democrats appear to be trying to make Senate races “small, individual contests.”

But the Senate is part of the federal government. The decisions senators make affect the entire nation.

It’s much less about small issues than the biggest issues hurting all Americans.

Senate Democrats are just as much responsible for runaway inflation, rising gas prices, the open border, and unchecked crime rates.

Because they supported Biden’s plans and refused to push back on his questionable policies, they are to blame too.

Gingrich is predicting that, so long as Republicans make it about these big issues, there is no way Democrats can win.

For nearly two years, Democrats have run the federal government. And over that time, it has been a disaster.

Democrats have no legs to stand on when trying to defend their policies. And Republicans seem to understand that.

All they have to do is keep reminding Americans who is responsible for these many crises.

And, Newt believes, the Senate will be in GOP soon enough.

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