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Federal Judge Rules On Clinton-Durham Case – He Just Denied Sussman’s Dismissal Motion Sets Date For Trial


John Durham has been building a case against what happened in 2016 for many years. Patriots had to wait patiently for a long time, but it looks like things are finally moving.

Recently, we heard about major bombshells in his case. Those bombshells spell trouble for former Clinton Lawyer Michael Sussmann. Sussmann, perhaps panicking, tried to get his case dismissed.

But a federal judge just gave him the bad news.

From Fox News:

The federal judge presiding over the case of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann denied his request to dismiss the case brought against him by Special Counsel John Durham Wednesday, ordering that the trial go forward as planned next month.

Sussmann, in February, filed a motion to dismiss the case against him. Sussmann was charged with making a false statement to a federal agent, and has pleaded not guilty.

A federal judge refused to dismiss a case against Sussmann, the man who lied to the FBI about his work with Hillary Clinton.

In 2016, Sussmann approached an FBI agent, claiming he had evidence connecting Donald Trump with a Russian bank. That “evidence” was more false information meant to tarnish Trump and sabotage his campaign.

Maybe Sussmann can get out of providing “evidence” to the Feds. But he can’t get out of the fact he told the agent he wasn’t working for a client.

When, in fact, he was working for the Clinton campaign and a tech firm executive.

Sussmann wanted the case thrown out. Perhaps he fears his conviction will lead to other people’s indictments. Or he was hoping the recent news surrounding Clinton would distract from his own problems.

The judge didn’t see it that way. Sussmann will be forced to face the music over what he did. Perhaps more information will come out over “Russiagate.”

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