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BREAKING: Marjorie Taylor Greene And Jim Jordan SHRED Pelosi’s SOCIALIST PARTY Passing Unconstitutional Ban On Semi-Automatic Guns [VIDEO]

For those of you who are not clear on the term relentlessly used by the Socialist party and the Mainstream Media an ‘assault weapon’ is a fully automatic firearm as opposed to a ‘semi automatic’ firearm.

It is nearly impossible to purchase an automatic firearm and the vast majority of these guns are illegally obtained by criminals who are causing violent murders primarily in Democrat run cities like Chicago.

Law abiding gun owners simply can’t obtain fully automatic firearms.

Hell, we can barely get permission from the government to purchase semi automatic firearms without extensive background checks and obtaining permits to carry a firearm for personal protection.

And in many cases legal homeowners that shoot thugs that are breaking into their own homes are actually being arrested simply for protecting their property.


This country has seen a spike in crime since the Democrats won the rigged election but we will turn the tables in November and squash these Socialist authorizations from advancing their catastrophic agendas- if the Republicans take aggressive actions without useless time consuming expensive investigations and simply hand these far left radical leftists their asses on a daily basis.

Will these RINO’S come through? No.

That is why we are pushing AMERICA FIRST candidates who have the guts to shut these commies down.

No more kissing their asses.

We can do this easily as long as our people aggressively attack these leftwing lunatics on all fronts.

Okay, so the big news is that the House dems passed a ban on semi-automatic guns.

Anyone that knows anything about firearms is that most are semi-automatic.

Pull the trigger and one bullet is discharged.

These morons want us to use muskets for God’s sake.

They really have no clue about anything frankly.

Alright, this comes from our good friends at 100 Percent FED Up:

On Friday, the House of Representatives revived a ban on semi-automatic guns. The restrictions were first put into place in 1994, on both selling and manufacturing the guns. But the restriction was lifted ten years later when the political support in congress for the ban waned.

Most Democrats blame semi-automatic firearms for the loss of life. But the great Marjorie Taylor Greene defended the right to keep standard firearms legally owned by law abiding Americans , noting that they have saved lives.

It’s just a simple fact- something that the Socialists as well as some useless RINO’s refuse to acknowledge.

Taylor Greene challenged Democrats saying “Do you think your gun laws will cause criminals to come running to hand over the AR15’s that they possess? No, I don’t think so.”


Greene also said it was a political strategy for Democrats to campaign on, specifically calling out Jerry Nadler, and saying what the politicians care about is their campaigns, rather than Americans.
After all these Socialists have absolutely NOTHING good to campaign on.
Look at our once beautiful country under their control- it’s completely out of control.
“They don’t care about stopping crime, securing our border, protecting our kids & our wallets, they just care about campaigns” and getting a ton of dark money from Soros, big tech and other radical leftist organizations.

Well Pelosi’s house narrowly passed the unconstitutional ban.

The great Jim Jordan tweeted “They are coming for your guns.” He called the recent gun legislation unconstitutional.


When the House vote came in Socialists cheered. Freaking idiots!

Rep Dan Bishop said the Democrats were cheering about taking away American’s constitutional rights.

Dismissed as a Democrat election-year strategy, almost all Republicans voted against the bill. It passed by only 4 votes in a 217-213 count.

Republicans Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania and Chris Jacobs of New York broke party lines and voted yes on the gun ban.


While Democrats Henry Cuellar of Texas, Jared Golden of Maine, Ron Kind of Wisconsin, Vicente Gonzalez of Texas, and Kurt Schrader of Oregon voted against the ban.

The ban is not expected to pass the Senate.

These people are completely insane.


God Bless.

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