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Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Dismantles His Socialist Plan Piece By Piece

With Democrats poised to lose big this November, they are scrambling for anything that will win back voters.

The progressive left’s big idea is to cancel student loans. Joe Biden appears willing to at least “pause” loan payments—at least until after the midterms.

But Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld demolished this agenda.

From YouTube :

“You’re getting American taxpayers to pay for a gift that benefits Democrats who don’t need it,” Gutfeld continued. “So, this isn’t like welfare or unemployment or food stamps. It’s a gift you and I pay that is given to upper-class white art history majors who can then spend that money they would’ve spent on the loan on holidays in the Hamptons.”

Word is circulating that Joe Biden could obey the radical left’s demands and push some form of student loan forgiveness.

He might “pause” payments or he might cancel a large portion of the loans.

Either way, it is a case of progressives pushing the same kind of welfare that has cost us so much already.

Gutfeld blasted the left’s plan and how much it would hurt Americans. These students took on loans to attend far-left schools.

Now, after they earned (mostly useless) degrees, working Americans have to pay for it.

Gutfeld said that’s like paying for dessert and “then suddenly they announce a pie-eating contest.”

Americans who had to pay for their education (or took on blue-collar jobs) now have to pay for the college educations of spoiled, entitled liberal kids.

But it doesn’t seem most Americans support it. Liberals are trying to drum up support for this move, but their own polls are against them.

A whopping majority of Americans think students should pay back their loans. That’s only reasonable.

But chances are, Biden will try to pull some form of this stunt. Only to enrage the very people who make this country run (and vote in elections).

What do you think? Should the President cancel student debt? Should make you pay for people who now have college degrees.

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