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James Woods Blows Whistle On Plan To “Cripple Trump With Unrelenting Assault On The One True Outsider To The Swamp”

Hollywood superstar James Woods slammed the left’s plan to take down Donald Trump accusing the left of launching an “unrelenting assault” on the former president in a bald-faced effort to fix the 2024 presidential election.

Woods said: “Twitter is an amazing place. As crazy as the postings can be, if you’re familiar with patterns and algorithms and political party bots, you can easily identify trends. So, this looks to be the left’s plan:

“Continue the unrelenting assault on the one true outsider to the swamp. Cripple him in slow motion with a thousand cuts, because to destroy him in one violent blow would confer martyrdom.

“Neuter any viable substitute genuinely conservative candidate. The sudden flurry of classic DNC talking point attacks against DeSantis have all the earmarks of the commie playbook. So obvious, they’re boring.

“Coddle the usual “hands-across-the aisle” RINO sucker fish like Romney, et al.


“Because there is only one trough and all these political hogs slop at it side by side.

“Donald Trump’s election was NEVER supposed to happen.

“Hillary’s hubris fumbled an easy walk to the goal line, and all hell broke loose.

“The corruption, the child trafficking, the globalist payoffs, all of it was exposed.

“Now BOTH sides of the uniparty can’t wait to get it back to the comfortable swamp where they can slither around together in happy denizen heaven, making deals, getting rich, and swapping mistresses and pool boys.”

A Twitter user said:

“When I was earning my psychology degree, we were studying IQs and had to write a research paper.

“The assignment was to pick a person at least somewhat well known with a very high IQ.

“I googled it and found many, but @RealJamesWoods stood out to me — because I’d seen his movies and he’s a great actor but I found him interesting and he wasn’t Stephen Hawking.

“This eloquent piece just proved why he was the best choice for that paper— very intelligent man!!!!

“I applaud you James.”




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