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Govenor DeSantis Just Issued “Defy Biden” Rule

Florida has been pushing back against the White House’s “woke” agenda from the beginning, and Governor Ron DeSantis isn’t about to quit fighting for conservative values.

This includes the state’s education system, which has been struggling with President Joe Biden’s federal guidelines concerning gender in schools. This has become a huge topic of concern for parents around the nation.

Now, Gov. DeSantis Is Basically Telling Schools To Ignore These Guidelines.

When originally issued, Biden’s guidelines were billed as “protection” for transgender students. But critics say it’s nothing more than an illusion, and a way of giving educators and administrators far too much power.

Many Republican leaders have accused this agenda of manipulating impressionable children and subverting the role of the parent.

The Democrat agenda has even tied school meals to a forced acceptance of its federal transgender policy. This has already faced legal backlash, though, as 22 states are taking the matter to court.

In Florida, DeSantis’ stance is plain (via Washington Examiner):

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has instructed schools in his state to ignore President Joe Biden’s new federal guidelines on inserting gender ideology into school curricula and counseling.

Currently, Florida public schools are not legally allowed to indoctrinate kids with transgender ideology. They’re also not allowed to help children “transition” without parental consent.

But they’re not about to stop there — they refuse to ignore the biological reality of gender, and won’t let the federal government enact potentially dangerous policies.

For millions of right-wing parents in Florida, this is a blessing. It shows them that the state’s leaders are willing to stand up to far-left authoritarianism, and won’t allow their schools to be overrun by the leftist agenda.

Parents around the country have fought back against being silenced, as many claim the state and school officials are vastly overstepping their bounds.

With some teachers and administrators going on the record, saying they will help a child transition to another gender without speaking to the parents, many caregivers are understandably concerned.

Gov. DeSantis has been fighting against this ideology from the start, and has said multiple times that his state’s schools won’t bow to the “woke” mob.

And in so doing, he likely will get plenty of applause from parents who simply wish to protect their children.

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