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Ihan Omar Gets Terrible News From Minnesota Voters, Barely Wins Primary Challenge To Pro-Police Candidate

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar was stunned last night when she almost lost a primary challenge in a bad sign for her future in Congress. Omar barely won the Democratic primary for Minnesota’s Fifth Congressional District against Don Samuels.

Just to tell you how unpopular Omar is in her district, Omar got only 50.5% of the vote while Samuels won 48% of the vote. And only a few thousand votes separated the two. How did Samuels almost pull off the upset of the century?

He ran against Omar’s radical policies proving that she is out of touch even in her district. Omar released a statement that said: “Six years ago, when I ran and defeated a 44-year incumbent, nobody thought it was possible that a Muslim, immigrant, refugee, Black, hijabi woman could get elected.

“I’m now honored to be on the path to serve the people of the 5th Congressional District for a 3rd term in the U.S. House of Representatives.

“Millions of dollars have been spent to unseat us.

“Republicans and conservative Democrats have worked in lockstep to vote us out.

“Corporations and special interest groups have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on ads against us. Pundits and news agencies have tried to smear us and undermine our work.

“Tonight’s victory is a testament to how much our district believes in the collective values we are fighting for and how much they’re willing to do to help us overcome defeat.

“This win is for them and everyone who still believes that hate, division and regression will not be the legacy of the Fifth,” she said.

According to CNN:

“Samuels had run as a pro-police critic of Omar’s calls to “defund the police.” He and his wife successfully sued the city of Minneapolis to force it to increase police staffing levels to the 741 officers required by the city’s charter.

“Momentum built behind what had been widely seen as a long-shot challenge after Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey endorsed Samuels last week. He was also backed by building trades unions, several suburban mayors and more moderate DFL leaders.

“His close call could inspire another effort to oust Omar in 2024. Democrats currently control four out of the state’s eight US House seats to three for the Republicans and one vacancy.”

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