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Trump Reminds Colbert And Fallon Who’s Boss: “It was my great honor to have destroyed the ratings of Late Night “Comedy” shows, congratulations to Greg Gutfield”

Former President Donald Trump congratulated Fox News star Greg Gutfeld while celebrating the demise of Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon and other late-night comedy shows.

Trump said: “It was my great honor to have destroyed the ratings of Late Night “Comedy” shows. There is nothing funny about the shows, the three hosts have very little talent, and when Jimmy Fallon apologized for having humanized “Trump,” and his ratings soared.

“The Radical Left forced him to apologize—that was effectively the end of The Tonight Show. In any event, congratulations to Greg Gutfield!”

With Trump out of office, Colbert’s audience has sunk to 2.1 million viewers in 2022 losing his title as King of Late Night to Fox News host Greg Gutfeld. “Gutfeld!” has beaten the CBS show in the last two months.

In 2016, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” averaged 2.2 million viewers. In 2022, he’s down to 1.5 million. Jimmy has lost more than a third of his audience.

In 2016, Jimmy Fallon averaged 3.3 million viewers. In 2022, he is averaging 1.4 million viewers. He lost nearly 60% of his audience according to Fox News.

“Colbert courts as many big name Democrats as he can because he’s an activist first and a comic second,” comedian and Fox Nation host Jimmy Failla said.

“His entire point of being is to help Democrats feed moral superiority to viewers because that’s what the Democratic ethos runs on.”

“It’s kind of ironic that the biggest obstacle facing late night hosts is five foot four but yes, Greg Gutfeld has changed the game,” Failla joked.

“One, he’s attacking stories from an angle nobody is, and two, he’s never taking himself seriously which is the golden rule of comedy.

“Guys like Colbert never make fun of themselves!”

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