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Police Arrest Democrat Leader On Serious Charge

Elected officials are always in the public eye, so whenever a crime is involved, the country pays attention. The attention hits maximum levels when the crime is more serious.

This case involves the ultimate crime: murder. And according to a breaking report, Las Vegas police have arrested a Democrat official, and the allegation is making headlines across America.

If convicted, this could wind up being historic — A Politician Going To Jail For A Very Long Time, For Apparently Silencing A Reporter Who Spoke Out Against Him.

The accused official, Robert Telles, lost his primary election back in June. Many say his defeat was due in part to the articles written by Las Vegas Review-Journal investigative reporter Jeff German.

German slammed Telles’ management of the county, which could’ve been the catalyst.

And now, German is dead and the police have Telles in custody. He was placed under arrest after authorities served a search warrant at his home, which indicates they must’ve found enough evidence.

Via the Daily Wire:

Review-Journal Executive Editor Glenn Cook said in a statement that Telles’ arrest was ‘an enormous relief,’ but that the newspaper was ‘outraged that a colleague appears to have been killed for reporting on an elected official.’

Prior to the murder, authorities said there was an “altercation” between German and an unknown assailant last Friday. The suspected killer was wearing an orange construction vest and straw hat.

Whether or not this was Telles himself or someone else remains to be seen, but we do know that Telles is currently the primary suspect.

Earlier this year, German exposed various scandals in Telles’ county, including a story that said current and former employees accused Telles of creating a “hostile work environment.”

Then there’s the accusation leveled by city workers, which says that Telles had some sort of “inappropriate” relationship with one of his staffers, Roberta Lee-Kennet.

Telles and Lee-Kennet are both married but there’s footage, published by the Journal-Review, of the two of them in the backseat of a vehicle. It’s the sort of evidence that will prove difficult to defend.

Telles had dismissed the accusations of a hostile work environment, though, claiming all his current employees were “super happy.”

That’s not what investigators are trying to determine now, however — they’ll want to know if Telles really killed German, or hired someone to kill him. And that’s going to result in a very high-profile trial.

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