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Alan Dershowitz Drops The Gavel On Trump Raid – Even Though He Voted Against Trump, Search Was ‘Improper’

Alan Dershowitz has long been respected as a foremost expert on the Constitution—and a liberal.

But in recent years, he has defied the left to defend Donald Trump—and is doing so again.

And, although he admitted he never voted for Trump, he is firing back at those who raided his home.

From Breitbart:

“Look, I voted against Trump twice. I’m looking forward to an opportunity to vote against him for a third time, but I will not compromise the Fourth Amendment or the Constitution or the principles I’ve stood for all my life in order to get Trump,” Dershowitz outlined. “This was an improper search. They should have enforced the subpoena. That’s what Merrick Garland said the Justice Department generally does — less intrusive methods.”

Alan Dershowitz, a liberal legal expert, blasted the DOJ for searching Trump’s home.

The Harvard Law professor emeritus made a point to say he “voted against Trump twice” but—yet again—defended Trump against the left’s allegedly politically-motivated raid.

He called the raid an “improper search,” saying that the burden of proof is on the DOJ to justify it.

The legal expert said that normally, the DOJ simply relies on subpoenas. That is a method that requires people to appear in court or hand over documents to the court.

Instead, Biden’s DOJ sent over thirty armed agents to the home of a former president. Not just any former president, but Biden’s former rival (and a possible 2024 candidate).

The conflict of interest here is overwhelming. Remember, Democrats impeached Trump for talking about Joe Biden to the president of Ukraine—claiming political motivations.

Yet now, liberals are turning a blind eye to a raid on Trump’s home, by his rival administration.

Can we say “two-faced”?

The hypocrisy wasn’t lost on Dershowitz. He said that maybe the unsealed affidavit could shed light on the FBI’s unprecedented move.

But neither Dershowitz nor anyone else is optimistic. The timing of this raid and Trump’s huge role in GOP politics are too much to ignore.

And if this thing drags out some more, Dershowitz might end up fighting on Trump’s side again.

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