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Trump’s Impeachment Could Be Thrown Out Soon – GOP Launches Resolution In Congress To Expunge It

Soon after the 2020 Election, Democrats pounced to impeach Trump for a second time. But this time, they didn’t even bother to conduct a sham investigation.

Pelosi and her party rushed to blame Trump for January 6, without a shred of evidence. And they got a few Republicans to join in—dooming their futures in the party.

But if a few tireless conservatives have their way, this bogus impeachment will be stricken from the record.

Form Just the News:

House GOP Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik and roughly 28 other chamber Republicans are backing a resolution to “expunge” the second impeachment of former President Trump…

Though the effort will not pass the Democrat-led chamber, significant support for it underscores continuing GOP conference support for the former president nearly a year-and-a-half after he left office. If passed, the resolution states that it would be as though the articles of impeachment “had never passed the House of Representatives.”

A group of House Republicans led by Elise Stefanik is pushing a resolution to expunge the left’s second impeachment of Donald Trump.

At this moment, they don’t have a majority in the House. This means they are unlikely to pass this resolution.

So, why bother with it all at? Because Republicans are going on the record for their support of 45.

This move is huge. Right before a major election cycle, a group of Republican congressmen is showing their support for Donald Trump.

They are defying the left’s ongoing attacks on the 45th president. And they are making it clear to voters: they are not turning their backs on him.

Democrats have constantly badgered Republicans. They claim that if Republicans want to win, they’ll have to “distance” themselves from Trump.

Because, you know, you should always take advice on how to win from your enemies!

Stefanik and these House Republicans are refusing to bow the knee to the left’s narrative. This move might not make it passed the House.

But Americans will know which side these Republicans are on.

And any Republican that doesn’t vote for this? Well… let’s just say they might not have a job after November.

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