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Biden Admin Gave Refugee Status To Former Taliban Employees And Then Let Them Into The U.S.

The border crisis is a primary topic of concern for many citizens, because it doesn’t seem like America has control over who comes into the country.

But even when we do have control, the Biden administration has made a few questionable decisions relating to the acceptance of Afghan refugees. This criticism has been floating around since the Taliban took over Afghanistan.

Tens of thousands of Afghan refugees have been resettled across the U.S. in the past year, and the government plans to allow many more.

But Now It Seems Like They’re Willing To Let In People With Dangerous Ties — And Critics Are Wondering If This Is Just Too Risky.

Biden has already come under fire for allegedly allowing for a slipshod vetting process for these refugees. Reportedly, the result is several hundred possible security risks floating around the nation.

Originally, the administration gave refugee status to interpreters in the Afghanistan region, which were helping American forces.

However, that program has since been expanded with “new exemptions,” and that has caused immediate backlash. The bottom line is that we will now allow for former Taliban employees.

Via The Daily Wire:

In June, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of State announced ‘new exemptions’ including for ‘individuals who worked as civil servants under the Taliban’ and ‘individuals who provided only certain limited material support to the Taliban or other designated terrorist organizations’…

The information comes from a joint DHS, DOS, and USAID Inspector General Report that said they wanted to give asylum to those who “lived under Taliban rule.”

The report clarified that it doesn’t include former Taliban employees who held “high-level positions, worked for certain ministries, or directly assisted violent Taliban activities.”

Basically, they want to help those who couldn’t avoid interacting with the Taliban or other terrorist organizations in Afghanistan, and isn’t an “automatic exemption.” It just means they will be considered.

The problem is, U.S. citizens likely won’t feel comfortable around anyone who worked for the Taliban, whether they were forced into that situation or not.

The other issue involves the thousands of Afghans that have been brought to this country, while many American citizens were still stuck in Afghanistan as of October 2021 (via the State Department reports).

Furthermore, there have been reports of Afghans described as “interpreters,” but they can’t speak English — Daily Wire cites a Loudoun County, Virginia report, where the sheriff said only 30% spoke English.

The vetting is also another big problem for many: the administration’s drive to hand out up to 85,000 green cards seems to be more important than properly screening everyone who comes in.

To those who criticized the Biden administration’s handling of the Afghanistan crisis, this feels like another step in the wrong direction.

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