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Bill Clinton’s Sock Drawer Could Let Trump Off The Hook – Court Case Ruling For Bill May Give Donald Argument He Needs

The media is backing the FBI’s unprecedented (and now infamous) raid of Trump’s home. The left is claiming Trump “broke the law” by keeping confidential documents at his home.

But this entire claim (which could be politically motivated) could go up inflame. All thanks to Bill Clinton’s sock drawer.

From The Washington Times:

A 2012 court case denying access to White House audiotapes kept in former President Bill Clinton’s sock drawer after he left office could help the Trump legal team in its battle to retrieve records that the FBI seized from Mar-a-Lago this month…

Judge Jackson ruled that the tapes belonged to Mr. Clinton, even though the discussions included a broad range of presidential matters. The court ruled that the National Archives and Records Administration had no power to “seize control of them” because Mr. Clinton had used his authority under the Presidential Records Act to declare the recordings part of his personal records.

Back in 2012, a conservative watchdog group tried to gain access to audiotapes left behind by Bill Clinton in a sock drawer.

These recordings covered a wide range of matters, including his work as president. But a judge denied the request because Clinton used his authority (granted by the Presidential Records Act) to make these recordings part of his personal records.

The key to the left’s entire attack on Trump is that he broke the law by taking classified records to Mar-a-Largo.

However, we’ve seen repeatedly how previous presidents, including Obama and Clinton, avoided any repercussions over documents they possessed.

Obama took 30 million documents from the White House and has yet to return them to the National Archives.

And it appears Clinton was protected from having to hand over tape recordings, because of the Presidential Records Act.

It was previously revealed that Trump had a “standing order” that any documents he took to Mar-a-Largo were declassified.

He had that power, thanks to the very same law.

The precedent set in the 2012 case could weigh heavily in this one. If Trump did declassify all of the documents he took to Mar-a-Largo (which he called the Second White House), then the DOJ has no case.

We’ll just have to wait and see.

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