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Democrats Turn Against Washington And Biden – They Are Running Campaign Ads Sounding Just Like Republicans

Despite getting Democrats to pass his latest tax-and-spend bill, Joe Biden is still poison to his party.

His approval is in the gutter. And his failures are dragging the entire party down.

It’s getting so bad, that some Democrats—trying to win swing districts—are airing very Republican-sounding ads.

From Fox News:

Over a dozen political ads from across the country reviewed by Fox News Digital show Democratic candidates campaigning as being independent of their own party leaders, with some even highlighting how they opposed President Biden’s agenda.

“I stood up to some in my own party and pushed to cut the gas tax, and to hire more police officers,” Rep. Dan Kildee, D-Mich., says in an ad that launched in July. Kildee, like others, votes with Biden 100%, but his ad and others indicate a trend many Democrats are taking headed into a midterm cycle which historically does not favor the party in power.

How pathetic. Democrats, seeing the writing on the wall, are trying to distance themselves from Joe Biden.

These leftists are trying to convince voters they are opposed to Joe and his failed agenda. Despite the fact that they voted for Joe’s plans 100% of the time.

They are even airing ads that claim they oppose “corrupt Washington” as well as those politicians who “set the rules, weakened the supply chain and spiked inflation.”

Um… Democrats? You are the politicians that did that!

Democrats held the majority in Congress for the last two years. They were the ones who egged on Biden’s failed agenda.

They did nothing as he shut down American energy. They voted for his reckless spending. If they had it their way, elections would have been federalized and voter ID would be illegal.

Yet they have the gall to claim they are opposing Joe? These are Joe’s biggest cheerleaders!

What a joke.

But polls don’t lie. And Joe Biden’s approval is in the toilet. That “D” by these candidates’ names is now a liability.

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