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AOC Admits She Violated Congress Rules – Refuses To Deliver Financial Records Despite House Ethics Rules

Democrats, especially so-called socialists, have long complained about “dark money” in politics.

That is cash whose source is hidden from the public. I guess that means they are eager to show the country their finances, right?

Well, not if you’re name is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

From The Washington Examiner:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) openly admitted through her spokeswoman that she is flouting congressional financial disclosure rules…

“The committee provides a 30-day grace period before fines are levied. The congresswoman plans to file before the period expires,” Ocasio-Cortez communications director Lauren Hitt told the Washington Examiner on Tuesday evening.

The House Ethics Committee required all members to report their 2021 finances by August 13 of this year.

This, of course, is a way for the House to ensure members aren’t breaking any ethics rules, regarding their finances.

But a woman who has long complained about money in politics has yet to hand over her financial records.

And, refusing to answer herself, AOC’s spokeswoman claims she has 30 days to submit them, before facing a fine.

Really? Is that how AOC handles her affairs? Do the bare minimum, just to avoid punishment?

Remember, AOC was one of many Democrats who conspired to get her hands on Trump’s financial records.

She along with her party claimed Trump was trying to hide something, even though he wasn’t violating any rules or laws.

Yet AOC is delaying the release of her 2021 finances, despite there being an actual rule in the House.

What do you call that kind of behavior? I seem to have forgotten the word.

AOC has long had a reputation for contradicting the very values she claims to uphold.

This was the same woman who attended the Met Gala, an exclusive event for rich elitists, wearing a “Tax the Rich” dress.

So, we’re not bullish on her ever releasing those records.

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