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2A Supporters Score Unexpected Win In California – In An Upset Victory, Gun Control Bill Shot Down

For the most part, dark blue states aren’t big fans of the Second Amendment. They typically have the strictest gun control laws in the nation, and often attempt to restrict constitutional rights even further.

California leaders typically have problems with 2A supporters, and gun owners sometimes find it very difficult to have freedom in the state.

However, Gun Rights Activists Are Celebrating A Rare Victory In The Golden State — And It Came By The Narrowest Of Margins.

Back in June, the Supreme Court ruled in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v. Bruen. They decided that a law requiring proof of a need for self-protection to carry a weapon was unconstitutional.

This rendered California’s “good cause” requirement null and void, which anti-gun lobbyists were furious about.

But they thought they’d still be able to ban concealed carry in “sensitive” areas; i.e., courts, hospitals, airports, and public transportation. As this is a wide umbrella, it would still be restrictive despite the SCOTUS ruling.

It just didn’t work: the bill failed on Tuesday in the assembly. Then it came up for “reconsideration” yesterday but surprisingly enough, it failed again.

Via The Daily Caller:

The California state legislature rejected Senate Bill 918 by two votes Thursday, legislation which would have limited citizens’ ability to carry weapons in courts, hospitals, airports, on public transportation, and in other areas deemed ‘sensitive.’

By only 2 votes, the measure failed to pass. They needed a 2/3 supermajority and they just missed.

Democratic state Senator Anthony Portantino had thrown in an “urgency clause,” which meant that if the bill had passed, it would go into effect immediately. But he was surprised when it didn’t get through.

Said Portantion in a statement to the LA Times:

I’m legitimately surprised it didn’t pass.

The Senator promised to reintroduce the bill in December for the ’23-24 legislative session, but for the time being it’s an upset win for Second Amendment supporters.

Gun Owners of California called it “incredible news” and it’s clear that millions of gun owners around the country are a little surprised at the decision.

Whenever a gun control bill fails to get through in a Democrat-controlled state, it’s definitely an eye-opener. The 2A battle continues to rage across the nation, though, and will be a hot topic of debate during the midterm elections.

The current administration seems anti-2A, which many states are fighting back against.

There’s also the larger question of the Constitution in general, which many Americans believe is in serious jeopardy of being altered or even erased.

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