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After Biden Tries To Walk Back MAGA Offensive

It’s safe to say Biden’s speech outside Independence Hall did not go well. A speech meant to paint Trump as a villain, on the eve of the midterms, seemed to backfire.

That tends to happen when you call millions of your own people “threats to democracy.” Biden tried to backtrack his comments.

From Daily Wire:

President Biden tried Friday to walk back his previous night’s primetime attack on former President Trump’s supporters, saying he doesn’t consider them all to be “a threat to the country” after all.

Hard to believe that when Biden’s very Twitter account called “MAGA” supporters a “threat to the very soul of this country.”

But while trying to backtrack, he seemed to incriminate himself and his entire party.

From The Federalist:

“I do think anyone who calls for the use of violence and fails to condemn violence when it’s used, refuse to acknowledge an election has been won — that is a threat to democracy,” Biden added in his attempted Friday walkback…

Under the president’s definition, however, 2016 Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the Democrats who objected to President Donald Trump’s electoral certification in 2017 are extremist threats to democracy. So is Biden himself for his refusal to forcefully condemn the violent terrorism targeting conservatives, whether directed at conservative Supreme Court justices or pro-life pregnancy centers.

Oh, Joe. What are you doing?

It’s hard for anyone to believe Biden’s “backtracking,” when we all saw the speech. (Not to mention he continues to say the same thing days later.)

But while he was trying to say he didn’t say what we knew he said, he appeared to throw his own party under the bus.

After saying Trump supporters aren’t a “threat,” he did say that anyone who “calls for the use of violence” or does not condemn violence is a threat.

Well, that is the common narrative Democrats are using against Trump. Even though most of his supporters do not believe their accusations.

But Biden stepped in it further when he also added anyone who refuses to “acknowledge an election has been won.”

Um… let’s not forget that in 2016 Hillary Clinton did that very thing. In fact, she and many Democrats seemed to suggest that the election was stolen, thanks to Russia.

Some Democrats still maintain Trump stole that election by working with Russia–a claim that Mueller himself disproved after a 2-year investigation.

Biden also indicted himself, since he has yet to condemn violence against conservatives–even Supreme Court justices–after leftists went after them this year.

So, what is Joe really saying? Is Trump the real threat? Or is Biden admitting his party is the one we should be worried about?

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