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Biden’s Press Secretary Makes Embarrassing Gaffe

In something truly shocking, someone other than Peter Doocy actually challenged White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre!

The reporter challenged Biden’s spokeswoman over the administration’s many failures. Jean-Pierre tried to counter… but fell flat on her face.

From Fox News:

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stepped into a hornet’s nest of mockery on Twitter Friday after stating that the U.S. has added “ten thousand million jobs” since President Biden took office…

…the U.S. economy added 315,000 new jobs in August, making it is the “lowest monthly gain since April 2021.”

“That’s 10 billion, more than the entire population of the world. Amazing job!,” [Dr. Eli David] tweeted.

I guess whoever is writing reports for Jean-Pierre is the same person running Joe’s and Kamala’s teleprompters!

This administration can’t even get basic facts right. Why does anyone believe they can help salvage this economy?

The White House press secretary claimed Biden added “ten thousand million jobs” since Joe entered office.

Really? Apparently, that is 10 billion jobs–more than the population of the entire world.

We can’t even begin to decipher what she was really trying to say. Was it ten thousand? One hundred thousand?

One million? We don’t know, nor is it our job to explain away this administration’s gaffes.

You’d think a presidential administration can get those numbers right. What we do know is that the country added 315,000 new jobs, the lowest since April of last year.

From all appearances, the economy isn’t doing better, but worse. And it doesn’t matter how much smoke Jean-Pierre blows into our faces, that fact won’t change.

This gaffe generated plenty of criticism from people online. Anyone who can count realized this claim was incorrect.

But I’m sure the White House will try to spin it, as they spin all of Biden’s mistakes.


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