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GOP Senator Tim Scott Overrules Joe Biden: “America is the solution, not the problem, it’s time you start acting like it”

Republican Senator Tim Scott overruled President Joe Biden telling Joe after his weird speech Thursday that ‘America  is the solution, not the problem, and that ‘it’s time you start acting like it.’

Scott wrote: “On Thursday night in Philadelphia, Joe Biden used his presidential perch, flanked by two United States Marines, to give one of the most menacing and divisive campaign speeches in recent memory.

“In his soul-crushing “soul of the nation” speech, the president threw half the country back into Hillary Clinton’s basket of deplorables. Anyone who refuses to go along with his radical agenda that’s bankrupting the country is a threat. Anyone who stands up for religious liberty is an extremist. Anyone who is a voice for voiceless and vulnerable unborn babies is a danger to democracy.

“That’s the picture Biden painted of America.

“But his illustration of our country and her people couldn’t be more disconnected from reality.

“The truth is this speech was a feeble attempt to distract American voters from Democrats’ abysmal record heading into the midterms.

“President Biden and Democrats across the country are hoping they can get voters to believe what they say, rather than what they can see with their own two eyes.

“You see, according to him migrants aren’t illegally flooding into our country every day. Never mind the fact that we see small town mayors and border patrol agents struggling to deal with the influx from record illegal crossings.

“He says inflation is at zero. But we see sustained record-high inflation nearly reaching double digits and feel the pain of high prices at the grocery store and gas pump.

“The president said his administration made America safer than ever.

“But the Democrats’ “defund the police” movement targeted law enforcement and led to the alarming crime wave that continues to ravage our communities.

“If you ask President Biden, he’d tell you the Afghanistan withdrawal was a success.

“But just this week we saw video of the Taliban parading through Kabul, armed to the teeth with U.S. military equipment left behind in the chaos of his retreat.

“And when asked about learning loss among kids who were kept out of schools, the White House says it’s actually Republicans who are to blame.

“The pain and insecurity Americans feel under total Democrat control of Washington won’t be dulled by Biden’s political placebo. After being isolated throughout the pandemic, the remedy to our collective uncertainty and exhaustion is not to ostracize people even further.

“It’s time to turn the page on this cynical playbook of division. Our country is in desperate need of leaders who boldly tell the truth about who we are and who we can be.

“We are not a nation irreparably divided by race, class, ideology, and gender. We are a nation bonded together by our uniquely American values of freedom, opportunity, and redemption.

In the story of America, I believe our best chapters have yet to be written.

“But we cannot let that story be told by those who want to redefine what it means to be an American. We will not be lectured by politicians who cower and apologize for our country.

“Mr. President: America is the solution, not the problem—it’s time you start acting like it,” he wrote.

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