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Karine Just Lost Her Mind Over GOP Voters


It’s pretty clear that Democrats still fear Donald Trump. If they thought he was done for, why do they keep talking about him?

They know he might return in 2024–and his influence continues even now. So, the left is doing what it can to slander the 45th POTUS–and everyone who supports him.

Now, they took another step in dividing the country, based on what Biden’s press secretary said.

From Twitter:

Karine Jean-Pierre says that people who voted for Donald Trump are “a threat to our democracy, to our freedom, to our rights.”

If you weren’t aware, this is how you justify extreme actions against political opponents.

Biden’s press secretary called Trump voters, roughly 80 million Americans, a “threat to our democracy.”

She even accused them of supporting “extremism.”

Considering Trump continues to be a top voice in the Republican Party, she is saying this about the majority of GOP voters in the country.

This is how far the left will go to hold onto its power. Karine is desperately trying to paint conservatives are “dangerous,” to justify extreme actions by Democrats against them.

This seems to be why the left has no problem raiding a former president’s home over paperwork.

And why people who were caught up in J6 have been rotting away in prison for over a year–their rights denied.

Democrats are trying to ostracize Republicans. To shame them. To bully them. All so they can make their outrageous moves against them appear necessary.

But remember, Republicans didn’t riot for months in the Summer of 2020. Republicans didn’t call for defunding police departments.

Republicans didn’t leave the border open, allowing millions to invade.

Republicans aren’t releasing criminals from jail without bail. They aren’t trying to make it easier for people to cheat in elections.

They aren’t raising taxes, shutting down our energy industry, or triggering runaway inflation.

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