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Southern State Governor Signs New 2A Law – Constitutional Carry Just Landed In Swing State Georgia

This week, Joe Biden announced greater steps by his administration to clamp down on the 2nd Amendment. He is ordering ATF to outlaw “ghost guns” and is moving ahead with other radical restrictions.

But as Biden oversteps his executive authority to push gun control, states are fighting back. In recent years, red states have taken great strides in protecting the 2nd Amendment.

And now, Georgia has become the 25th state to embrace a pro-2nd Amendment policy.

From Fox News:

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, a Republican, signed a bill into law Tuesday removing the license and background check requirements for gun owners to carry a firearm in public, drawing high praise from gun owners in the state…

Dubbed the “Constitutional Carry Act,” the new law cleared both chambers of the state legislature by the beginning of April, to the high praise of Second Amendment advocates in the state — and across the country.

Georgia just passed a law that removes the license and background check burdens for carrying a firearm in public. This “Constitutional Carry” rule has been embraced by numerous states.

Simply put, it allows law-abiding citizens the power to carry a firearm without the need of jumping through state-mandated hoops. This will result in more residents being able to protect themselves, should the worst happen.

Democrats hate these kinds of laws. They claim that allowing people to carry firearms will lead to more crime.

What they refuse to acknowledge is the inconvenient fact that criminals do not follow gun control laws. They rarely have a permit for carrying a gun they use to rob someone.

This rule simply empowers Americans to protect themselves from these would-be criminals.

It appears Gov. Kemp signed this law at a very critical time in his governorship. He is up for re-election and is facing not only the far left but a Trump-backed primary rival.

It is possible he signed this law now, in the hopes of keeping voters happy. Whatever the case, it is a major win for 2nd Amendment supporters.

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