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Supreme Court Takes High Profile Constitution Case – They’re Going To Decide On High School Coach Praying

Biden and his Democrats have made it clear they are opposed to traditional American values. In many cases, it has come down to the federal courts to protect the God-given rights of millions of Americans.

The Supreme Court is in the process of hearing several critical cases related to our constitutional rights. And now, they just picked up a case that strikes at the heart of our most sacred right of all.

From Fox News:

The nine justices will hear oral arguments Monday on whether the local school district properly suspended [Joseph] Kennedy from his job at Bremerton High School, after he refused to stop praying on the field at the end of games…

“The whole idea of just because I’m working there, I have no rights anymore as an American?” Kennedy said. “When do I stop representing the school district? And that’s what we’re kind of asking, just a simple thing: Can I pray after a football game?”

The Supreme Court will hear a case out of Washington state where football coach Joseph Kennedy was fired for praying at the end of games.

Once upon a time, it was quite common for people to pray at public schools. Every school in America started its day with prayer.

But prayer was ripped out of schools. Shocking surprise they have become the mess they are now.

In the 1980s, the Supreme Court ruled that public schools could not deny the religious rights of students. That allowed students to pray, read the Bible, and form religious clubs at school.

That would have included the participation of teachers if the need arises.

A football coach praying before or after a football game is nothing usual, in some parts of the country. But in the increasingly progressive state of Washington, it seems they are trying to stamp out this expression of religion.

Kennedy has fought for a while now to defend his religious rights. Can a school board fire a man, simply for exercising his First Amendment freedoms?

That is what the Supreme Court will have to decide. Historically, even the liberal wing of the court has sided for the rights of Americans.

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