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Rand Paul Drops Hammer On Felon Who Stabbed Staffer: “The person who did this, I don’t think should see the outside of a jail again”

U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) gave an update on his staffer who was attacked in DC on Sean Hannity’s hit Fox News show. Phillip Todd was stabbed near the Capitol in Washington D.C. in broad daylight by an ex-con released from prison the day before.

Paul said: “He is going to recover. He’s been through a lot. He is not completely beyond all of the problems from this attack. It was life-threatening, but he will recover. He is in good spirits. I talked to him.

“It’s going to take time. But we all are just hoping the best and hoping he gets better as soon as he can. I think a lot of us try to talk ourselves into ‘oh well maybe it’s not that bad, maybe it was three in the morning in a dark alley’.

“This was broad daylight right outside a restaurant.

“I think they had just picked up their food.

“No one would expect something like this to happen.

“It makes all of us as we walk around D.C. look over our shoulders.”

“The person who did this, I don’t think should see the outside of a jail again.

“He’s got a long line of violence, and I think this person needs to be kept from society.”

Tim Todd, the uncle of Phillip Todd said earlier:

“Update on my nephew Phillip Todd.

“Abdomen surgery went well this morning.

“There was damage to his spleen and some leaking in other areas.

“Please continue to pray for damage to the abdomen area, skull, brain, collapsed lung, etc.

“Doctors are concerned about possible seizures for the next month resulting from the deep knife wound to the head. Phillip is resting well.”




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