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Senate Democrats Plan To Slip Poison Pill Into Funding Bill

Democrats have a very slim window left to do any damage–I mean, to pass legislation–before November’s midterms.

But with the Senate split 50/50, they need to find ways of pushing their agenda without GOP support.

So, one genius is trying to slip a poison pill into a bill to push–of all things–gay marriage.

From Fox News:

Senior Senate Democrats are discussing the possibility of including legislation to protect gay marriage rights in a government funding bill…

This also comes with gay marriage being one of several issues sitting in limbo at the beginning of the Senate’s new work period, during which Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said judicial nominations are top priority. He is committed to a vote on a bill to protect gay marriage, but not a timeline.

According to reports, Democrats are trying to push gay marriage–among other far-left agenda items–in a must-pass government funding bill.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “What does gay marriage have to do with funding the government?”

That’s a good question. And the answer is, “Nothing.”

But Democrats love to use the continuing resolution to force things through Congress.

If Republicans (or other Democrats) refuse to support these items, they risk a government shutdown.

Will Democrat lawmakers really let the government shut down over gay marriage?

Even if Republicans refuse, Democrats will try to use it to make them appear homophobic.

But that’s not all. Democrats seem to be using the CR bill to push Manchin’s promised gas pipeline.

Progressive Democrats have already promised to kill that deal, leaving Machin with nothing for betraying voters.

But it’s unclear if Senate Republicans will oppose this attempt to “codify” gay marriage (which was made legal by the Supreme Court years ago).

Regardless, the government is likely to face a shutdown, thanks to the Democrats’ radical agenda.

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