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Federal Court Rules on Woke Florida Lawsuit – High-Profile Parental Rights Bill Just Got a Major Victory

Liberals still like to call it the “don’t say gay” bill, though Republican lawmakers and millions of American parents just think it’s common sense.

It’s the bill in Florida, approved by popular Governor Ron DeSantis, that prohibits the teaching of “sexual orientation” or “gender identity from kindergarten through third grade.”

To many, it’s not even that restrictive; new 2024 candidate Nikki Haley was recently quoted as saying it “doesn’t go far enough.”

However, some leftist activists were so furious they tried to sue the state. Unfortunately for them, though, the judge isn’t buying their legal ploy.

The lawsuit claimed the bill was unconstitutional, and it was brought by several parents, teachers, and students. DeSantis’ office immediately voiced their opposition to the lawsuit, as you might expect.

Now, the decision is in (via Fox News):

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit against Florida’s parental rights bill…

U.S. District Judge Allen Winsor, a judge in Tallahassee, Florida, ruled on Wednesday that students, parents, and teachers didn’t prove that they have legal standing in challenging the law after filing a revised lawsuit.

This is actually the second attempt by leftists; the judge tossed the earlier version last September. Another lawsuit, alleging something similar, was filed in Orlando and also dismissed by the court.

Judge Winsor said the plaintiffs couldn’t show they suffered any harm from the law, and said their claims of harm “are from the law’s existence versus its enforcement.”

In reaction, Gov. DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin had this to say:

Thanks to Governor DeSantis, the Parental Rights in Education law empowers parents and protects children. It’s common sense.

We appreciate that the courts continue to recognize this and reject activist attempts to overturn the duly enacted laws of the state of Florida.

Despite the “common sense” of the law, Democrats remain incensed by the bill.

Even President Joe Biden called it “hateful” in a tweet promoting the LGBTQI+ community, and other Democrat leaders claims Florida is trying to keep kids from “learning.”

However, the Sunshine State remains a bastion of independence, freedom, and conservatism — they continue to be a big pro-life state, for example, and DeSantis supports 2A as well.

For parents who don’t agree with the ultra-woke “education” coming from the left, this law is good reason to be in Florida.

Key Takeaways:

  • A federal judge tossed a revised lawsuit, filed by liberals claiming Florida’s Parental Rights bill is “unconstitutional.”
  • The judge said plaintiffs couldn’t prove they were harmed by enforcing this law.
  • DeSantis press secretary Bryan Griffin celebrated the decision, saying the law “empowers parents and protects children.”

Source: Fox News

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