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Ohio Democrat Jumps Off The Deep End

Joe Biden and his Democrats claim they are the party of unity.

Just recently, in fact, Ohio Democrat Rep. Tim Ryan talked about “reconciliation” among Americans. He even wanted to work with Republicans.

Oh, but those “extremists” (meaning most Republicans who support Trump)? Yeah, he had other ideas in mind.

From Twitter:

Democrat congressman Tim Ryan claimed that in order for America to be “reconciled” Democrats have to “confront” and “kill” the “extremist” movement among Republicans.

What movement could he be talking about? No doubt, he is echoing Biden’s divisive words in which he called “MAGA” Americans “extremists” and “threats to democracy.”

Let’s get this straight. According to Biden and Ryan, America can only unify, so long as millions of Americans give up their deeply-held convictions and beliefs.

Oh, how unifying of y’all! All I have to do to be “approved” by the left is turn my back on my beliefs and agree to their socialist agenda!

It seems good old Tim Ryan said the quiet part out loud. Democrats keep saying Trump and his millions of supporters are the extreme ones.

But we don’t see “MAGA” Republicans talking about killing anything. Nor do they refuse to cohabitate with people who think differently than they do.

In fact, the only extremists out there appear to be the ones so intolerant of their fellow Americans, that they call them “enemies” and “threats.”

If Ryan and Biden (and the rest of the Democratic Party) think this is going to help them win 2022–they are dreaming.

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