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Joy Behar Says “Limo Liberals” Will Welcome Migrants, Forgets Lightfoot Already Sent Them To Suburbs

Whoopi Goldberg trashed Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for sending two planes full of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard calling him ‘nasty’ and boneheaded.’

Joy Behar said it would backfire on DeSantis and the rest because the ‘limo liberals’ will welcome them with open arms forgetting Lori Lightfoot did for a day before the Chicago mayor shipped them off to the suburbs.

Nicholas Fondacaro, Associate Editor for NewsBusters summarized the action on The View today. He said: “Whoopi calls Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) a “bonehead” and “nasty” for sending illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard. “I thought we asked people to come here,” she snarked. She tied to compare the illegals to his great-great-grandma who legally immigrated from Italy.

“Sunny Hostin, who brags about taking family vacations in Martha’s Vineyard, calls it “just political theater” and pushes theWhite House’s big lie that they’re doing more to stop illegal immigrants than Trump. She claims she’s “happy that [the illegals] are there.”

“Joy Behar claims the jokes on DeSantis and TX Gov. Abbott because the “limousine liberals” will welcome the illegals. (Someone should tell her about New York City and DC flipping out)

“Alyssa Farah Griffin says “both parties…bear responsibility.”

“Sunny says fentanyl is not coming across the border because CBP has seized more of it. She doesn’t seem to understand how increasing volume works.

“Farah Griffin decries shipping illegals to her liberal cities.

“Sara Haines scoffs at sending the illegals to liberal cities because “Massachusetts has a Republican governor.” She says she should have coordinated with other governors and local leaders.”

“Ignoring how most people seeking asylum don’t qualify, Sunny argues for them to flood the system with requests. “But you got to have places to put them,” Sara says.

“It can become as inhumane if they come here and there’s no way to take care of them,” Farah Griffin notes.

“Divorced from reality or where/what the problem is, Whoopi whines “We don’t have a problem when people come through the border from Canada” or overstay their visas. She says it’s only considered a “problem” because it’s “a brown people issue.”

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot has sent two buses full of migrants to the suburbs after slamming the Texas Governor. “My frustration comes from the actions of the governor of Texas,” Lightfoot said after the first bus load of migrants arrived.

“There could be a level of coordination and cooperation, but he chooses to do none of those things and instead tries to send human beings — not cargo, not freight — human beings across the country to an uncertain destination.”

But Lori forgot to notify one suburb, Burr Ridge about the migrants.

“I am concerned neither the village administrator nor I were told about this,” Burr Ridge Mayor Gary Grasso said. “We want to know: Why Burr Ridge?”

“As we sit here today, right now, I have not gotten an official word from the city, from the state, or Cook County.

“Neither village elected officials nor staff were consulted or contacted about this decision and we are now gathering information to keep our community updated.”

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