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2 Democrat Governors Turn Against California

If you thought the Democratic Party was completely united, think again. For years, we’ve seen how moderate Democrats are pushing back against the far left.

And, in some cases, far-left states like California don’t set the trend for the rest of the Democrats.

Because two liberal governors just shut down Gov. Newsom’s extreme plan.

From Just the news:

Two Democratic governors are saying no to a ban on the sale of gasoline vehicles in their states by 2035 similar to the one in California under Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom…

“I’m proud of, you know, the work in California and Governor Newsom, but New Mexico has now a lot more flexibility to figure out ways for us…” said New Mexico Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham…

“I’m not thinking about doing that,” [Pennsylvania Democratic Gov. Tom] Wolf replied.

Liberal governors from New Mexico and Pennsylvania flatly stated that they would not implement a ban on gas car sales.

Don’t let their excuses fool you. New Mexico’s governor claims they have “more flexibility” to determine EV policy than California.

Pennsylvania’s Tom Wolf claimed he was sure of the “economics” of forcing a gas car ban.

If you read through their comments, you’ll see the real reason why they won’t ban gas cars. Because neither of their states is full of as many granola-crunching hippies as California.

There are too many conservatives and practical independent voters in NM and PA to push such an extreme move.

If these governors tried to pull a Newsom, they’d be looking for new jobs soon enough.

California will outlaw the sale of gas cars in just about ten years. You can only imagine how painful that will be to their economy.

Grisham and Wolf know better because this is an unpopular move in most states.

Heck, it’s probably unpopular in California. But Democrats have a super-majority in the state legislature that ensures voters don’t have a voice.

But this development shows that not all of the far left’s agenda is getting through. Biden is trying to force EVs with his gas crisis.

Newsom is trying to force it at the state level. But not all Democrats are getting in line.

Which could be more signs of the growing Democrat civil war.

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