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Congress Just Got Served The COBALT Act

Democrats would love nothing more than for you to forget about their support of China. Despite passing laws that forbid U.S. purchases of specific Chinese goods, our money still finds its way into the CCP’s pockets.

But not if Rep. Donalds has a say in it. He’s putting forward a major bill that would deprive China of making money off this major resource.

From OANN:

Florida Republican Congressman Byron Donalds introduced the Cobalt Optimizes Batteries and Leading Technologies (COBALT) Act of 2022. The bill would aim to establish domestic cobalt refining in the U.S…

“​​Much of our nation’s and the world’s cobalt supply comes from China through slave and forced child labor, which ultimately empowers the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and turns a blind eye to its inhumane treatment of African people, said Donalds in a press release.

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds put forward a bill that would help establish domestic cobalt refining.

The bill would use appropriated funds from the DOD to purchase cobalt from American-based refineries, not China.

At this moment, China is the world leader in cobalt supply (as it is for many products and materials).

Cobalt is a mineral that improves the performance of electric vehicle batteries, jet engines, and missile engines.

As you can imagine, it is very valuable because of the high demand.

Yet our government, for now, is doing nothing to wrench us from depending on China for this important mineral.

Joe Biden has done lip service to confronting Communist China’s human rights abuses. But what has he done about it?

Rumors abound that his funding to purchase solar panels is going to Chinese companies that enslave Uyghur Muslims.

You’d think a bill like this was a slam dunk, given Biden’s priority to ramp up EV production.

Yet we doubt Democrats in Congress will be willing to give a Republican bill the time of day.

Which means, that if we want a bill like this passed, we need a Republican majority.

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