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Kyle Rittenhouse Hit With Civil Lawsuit Despite Jury Finding Wisconsin Teen Innocent


Kyle Rittenhouse has been hit with a civil lawsuit by the father of Anthony Huber, an ex-inmate who spent time in prison twice and who attacked Kyle forcing the teenager to defend himself and shoot dead Huber. Kyle set up a Givesendgo page to help him fight this lawsuit.

The page says: “Kyle Rittenhouse was found NOT GUILTY by a jury of his peers. The unanimous verdict did not prevent Kyle from being added as a defendant in an erroneous civil lawsuit filed in the Eastern District of Wisconsin against nine Wisconsin police departments, including ten city and county governments.

“The Plaintiff, John Huber, is represented by a Chicago-based, incredibly well-capitalized, Democrat Party-aligned law firm specializing in police misconduct and civil rights cases.

This civil action is an attack against Kyle Rittenhouse for being acquitted of all charges arising from his justifiable use of deadly force to defend his own life. Moreover, it’s also intended to degrade further the protections afforded to us under the Second Amendment of The United States Constitution and our God-given Right to Self Defense.

“Lastly, this lawsuit is a broadside against law enforcement and seeks to diminish the heroic and selfless sense of duty displayed by police across the country and their commitment to the rule of law.

With the prayers, love, and support of countless Patriotic and freedom-loving Americans, Kyle beat the odds, won his freedom, and proved to a nation that justice is possible, even in the face of overwhelming political and societal pressures. Unfortunately, Kyle finds himself with his back up against a wall again.

“He needs our help to fight back against this despicable, politically motivated attack from the Democrat political machine and anti-Second Amendment groups. The political left wants to instill fear and apprehension in the minds of Americans who elect to carry a firearm for self-defense.

“This civil action is unambiguous in its message, “If you discharge your firearm in justifiable self-defense, you should expect to be re-tried in civil court using a lower evidentiary standard and potentially face a lifetime of financial ruin.”

Please take a second to remember what America felt like two years ago. A violent mob set Kenosha ablaze, and Kyle nearly lost his life trying to protect property and innocent life. After barely escaping alive that night, Kyle has spent every moment fighting for his safety, future, and freedom;

Against a corrupt, broken news media that lied to your face and seemed intent on fueling a race war for ratings and political vendettas;

Against left-wing political arsonists who were happy to see the country burn so long as they could rule over the ashes;

Against Big Tech tyrants whose obsession with absolute control would make the CCP blush.

Within minutes of Kyle having to defend his own life against an unhinged mob, social media exploded with rumors, innuendo, and false allegations created from whole cloth. Democrat politicians, mainstream media outlets, and influential social media accounts republished the false statements thousands of times.

“To this day, a large swath of the American public still believes the misinformation spread on social media, despite the irrefutable evidence presented during Kyle’s trial. Finally, big tech censored anyone who appeared to support Kyle Rittenhouse, effectively creating an echo chamber fueling hatred against Kyle.

Shockingly, partisan lawyers continue to misrepresent fundamental facts and purposefully omit details to harass, demean and politicize an innocent young man. Here are a few examples…

“One of these armed individuals was Defendant Kyle Rittenhouse, who was then 17 years old. He crossed into Wisconsin from Illinois, carrying an assault rifle on the streets of Kenosha, in open violation of the law.”

“Instead, the law enforcement Defendants deputized these armed individuals, conspired with them, and ratified their actions by letting them patrol the streets, armed with deadly weapons, to mete out justice as they saw fit.”

“As a result, Defendant Rittenhouse fired his assault rifle indiscriminately multiple times at citizens on the street.”

“Instead, the Law Enforcement Defendants allowed Defendant Rittenhouse to patrol the streets of downtown Kenosha with his deadly assault rifle, they invited him in, deputized him, conspired with him, and ratified his actions,” the page says.

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