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Dictator Biden Directs Military And LEO To Target Conservatives- If You Post Or Wear Any Of These Symbols- You WILL Be Arrested

An Army commander recently briefed U.S. Special Forces candidates and trainees they could be detained or chaptered out of the Army if they are found affiliated with certain imagery popular on the political right that is now considered to be associated with extremism, Breitbart News can exclusively reveal, Breitbart reports.

The briefing, by Army Col. Mike Henry, MD, deputy commander of Special Warfare Medical Group (Airborne)/Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center at the U.S. John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (JFKSWCS) at Fort Bragg, came two days after President Joe Biden was inaugurated, a source familiar with the briefing said.

We have reported in the past on the U.S. military having a new manual out that explains what the military as well as law enforcement are now too be on the lookout for due to Biden’s new executive order when it comes to political extremism and white supremacy.

From Tucker Carlson at Fox News:

BIDEN: A rise of political extremism, White supremacy, domestic terrorism that we must confront and we will defeat.

On one level, this is not very remarkable. Not many Americans support White supremacy. Most people in this country find it disgusting, and they should. But the question is, what does it mean to wage war on White supremacists? Can somebody tell us in very clear language what a White supremacist is?

This is not a question of semantics. Joe Biden is the president of the United States, not a high school debate coach. He controls the largest military and law enforcement agencies in the world. He has now declared war, and we have a right to know, specifically and precisely, who exactly he has declared war on. Innocent people could be hurt in this war. They usually are. There could be collateral damage in this war, and the casualties will be Americans.

So, again, what is a White supremacist? You might be surprised to learn just how broad the definition has become. Bloomberg News has described a wall along our southern border as “a Monument to White Supremacy,” so be certain not to support that. Colin Kaepernick, who seems to have the unequivocal support of corporate America, calls the Fourth of July an example of White supremacy. Better put away the fireworks and the hot dogs.

The United States Army, a trusted institution if there ever was one, has an entire manual on what is and what is not White supremacy. Apparently, among the tell-tale signs of a committed White supremacist are these: Celebrating Columbus Day, using the term “American exceptionalism”, any support for federal border security or English-only measures or “education funding from property taxes”. Using the phrase “there’s only one human race” is White supremacy, too, according to the Army.

Now we also have Fort Bragg holding briefings with soldiers and giving them orders or face consequences.  The military must be under direct influence by the Biden administration because back when I was in, this would have been a direct insult to soldiers and brass would have never allowed it.

But times have changed thanks to the filthy democrats.

Breitbart continued:

Henry is responsible for training over 2,500 Army and Navy Special Operations medics.

Around the time of the briefing, slides from the New York Police Department Intelligence Bureau were also posted around the Joint Special Operations Medical Training Center (JSOMTC) and distributed to soldiers. The slides, dated January 14, listed and described about two dozen symbols, ideologies, and memes considered to be “associated with or appropriated by domestic violent extremism.

The slides said:

Recent high-profile mass-casualty attacks in the West have demonstrated the enduring threat posed by a wide range of racially/ethnically motivated violent extremists and conspiracy-driven malicious actors, including those inspired by far-right, neo-Nazis, and white supremacist worldviews. Due to his concerning trend, NYPD Intelligence Bureau advises law enforcement to maintain awareness of key symbols, icons, and graphics associated with or appropriated by domestic violent extremist movements that — in some cases — were observed during the January 6 deadly and destructive riot at the US Capitol.

Soldiers were told the list came from the Department of Homeland Security and was an updated list of what federal and local law enforcement need to be “on the lookout for,” according to the source.

Henry “told us that if anyone gets caught wearing, buying, selling, affiliated with in any way, any of those things on those list, that the first thing he’s going to do is chapter us out of the Army. The second thing is, he’s going to handle the investigation by sending it over to the DHS,” the source said. “He didn’t quite outright say that we would be arrested, he used the word ‘detained.‘”

The slides shown to the soldiers show that they are for law enforcement, that is right, your local police departments either have them already or will be getting the debriefing all because of Biden and Harris targeting  conservatives.

As Breitbart reported, Some of the imagery on the slides clearly refer to hate symbols, such as a swastika or other Nazi-related symbols. However, also included is “Pepe the Frog” — an internet meme frequently posted by members of the political right to troll the political left. The slides, obtained by Breitbart News, said this about the meme:

While not originally meant as a hate symbol, Pepe the Frog, or the ‘sad frog meme’ was appropriated by users who post racist, anti Semitic, anti-LGBT, and other bigoted content. Individuals will also alter Pepe the Frog to show him in various costumes or as recognizable hate figures, such as Hitler.

More worrying for some soldiers, however, is the list’s inclusion of imagery popular among members of the military long before the racial unrest of the summer of 2020, such as the “Three Percenters” symbol — the Roman numeral III with 13 stars around it.

So not if you have any tattoos, bumper stickers or any involvement with III%er groups or militia groups, you are now considered an extremist and will be investigated, unbeknownst to you and if they find anything, you could end up “detained”.

The slides, which are marked “law enforcement sensitive,” describe the “Three Percenters” as a “North American militia movement/paramilitary-style group with members who adhere to a far-right/libertarian ideology with a primary focus on firearms ownership right and opposition to expansive U.S. federal government authority.” Along with the description is a photo of a Three Percenters flag being held up outside the Capitol building during the January 6 protests.

According to the source, there are soldiers who — like Rohrwasser — believed the Three Percenters symbol was an expression of patriotism and are now worried that they may be kicked out or punished for past affiliation.

To be honest, I’m a little bit scared because I have been affiliated with Three Percenters due to the fact that they extend from the Revolutionary War, that three percent of the population stood up against the British, and that’s what started the Revolutionary War, and I love that ideal. I’ve kind of taken that to heart,” the source said.

And for them to now demonize it and make it so where the people who are willing to stand up for the country are now being told we’re extremists and that we’re terrorists and that if we share these ideals with anyone or if we publicly speak on these ideals, that not only will I be chaptered out of the Army, but that I could possibly be detained and then put under investigation by the Department of Homeland Security,” the source added.

Biden promised they would go after political extremism as well as white supremacy, but they never gave a clear definition on who and what they deem as such.  Until now anyways, this isn’t just about the military and our soldiers, it is clearly about citizen’s as well.

As Breitbart states, Other imagery on the slides included those associated with QAnon, the Proud Boys, the Oath Keepers, the National Social Club 131, the “Kek” flag, the Boogaloo movement, the National Socialist Order, 14, 88, the swastika, the sonnenrad or sunwheel, the SS, the Celtic Cross, the WP “okay” hand symbol, the Archangel Michael Cross, the “Othala Rune”, the “Norse Algis Rune”, the “Totenkopf”, the Universal Order symbol, the nuclear symbol, and the ((( ))) “echo.” The descriptions of QAnon and the Oathkeepers are also accompanied by photos of protesters at the Capitol on January 6.

The slides also note “possession of these symbols is protected under the first amendment and is not alone sufficient grounds for arrest or prosecution.”

But that is little consolation for soldiers who are facing a Biden administration undertaking a vaguely-defined effort to combat extremism in the military, after the identification of some veterans participating in rioting or violent activity at the Capitol on January 6.

This is all part of Biden and Harris’s plans to bring “peace and unity” to our nation, it is evident that their plan is to get rid of those they deem as opposition to their agenda.

It is crazy to think that 10-15 years ago we were all warned that detainment camps and FEMA camps were created to detain political extremists, which was laughed off and ridiculed as tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists.  Yea, everything is a conspiracy theory until it isn’t.

Welcome to the New America where citizens are cattle and if anyone dares to question the establishment or affiliates themselves with those who do, you may find yourself getting a knock on your door.

These are dire times patriots.

Unfortunately we have spineless republicans that will kiss Biden’s ass instead of doing their freaking job.

We vow to expose all of these traitors and will make them pay the price.

Meanwhile Biden will continue to destroy America on a daily basis and no one has the ba**s to stop him.

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