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Red Wave Swamps Blue State Governor Race – GOP Candidate Drazan Just Took the Lead in Oregon

Are you ready for the red wave America?

We have been hearing this for months now, but it is finally starting to take real shape. Democrats are scrambling trying to figure out what to do to stem the tide. For years they have been able to throw accusations and play to the emotions of their voter base in order to take seats from Republicans, but those days are ending.

Oregon has historically been a VERY blue state. Any by that I mean its been 35 years since a republican governor had control in Oregon.

But, thanks to the American people finally waking up, that’s all likely about to change.

New poll numbers just dropped – and  you’ll want to see this:

The poll, carried out by DHM Research, found that around 32% of likely voters in Oregon would vote for Drazan if casting their decisions today, and 31% said they would support Kotek. Johnson gathered 18% backing.

Christine Drazan is the republican candidate running in the governor race in Oregon. She is running against Tina Kotek who is the former speaker of the house in Oregon legislature, and also running against someone unaffiliated, Betsy Johnson, who has held office in Oregon previously.

For many years now, Oregon has been in a stranglehold by the local unions. The school unions in Oregon have an immense amount of power and they hold control of most of the local politicians to maintain their power. And Christine Drazan is trying to change all of that – and they hate her for it.

Tom McCabe, President of the Freedom Foundation, told The Daily Wire over email that the poll isn’t a surprise.

“During the past two years, Oregonians have become increasingly alarmed that state government is controlled by the teachers’ unions. The unions dictate when schools can open; when kids have to wear masks; and what is taught (CRT, etc.) Voters recognize Kotek will just be another puppet for the unions,” he said.

This is an excellent sign for a broader move across America.

I have to admit that as I have heard the talk of a “red wave” I’ve been apprehensive about about believing it fully until I see the proof. We certainly don’t want to run into a Hillary 2016 situation where Democrats keep hearing about how they are going to win and then as a result nobody shows up to actually vote.

But, we are actually seeing the proof of a red wave and Drazan is clear evidence of that. America is fed up with the status quo and we want change.

The only thing left to do is to get out there and take action. The motivation is there, the desire is there, now its up to me and you to actually make it real.

Please help spread the word. Share articles like this one in order to give people hope and help them take action. Please go vote and take your friends and family to vote as well! Together we can actually change the tide and cause a massive RED WAVE!

Source: Daily Wire

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