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After Nancy Pelosi Suffers Major STOCK Failure – Moderate Democrat Orders Democrats to Pick New Leadershiop

What’s Happening:

Many believe that Nancy Pelosi will not be Speaker after this year’s midterm elections. If Republicans retake the House, she loses the gavel.

But even if fortune smiles on Democrats, Pelosi might be facing the chopping block.

Because a moderate Democrat is gunning for her after she killed a critical bill.

From Fox News:

A House Democrat blasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday for a “failure of House leadership” by refusing to call up legislation to impose tougher stock trading restrictions on members of Congress…

Support for a complete ban on trading by lawmakers grew this year, but Spanberger accused Pelosi, D-Calif., and other Democratic leaders of shutting it down.

Woah. Pelosi begrudgingly supported a bill that would ban congressmen from trading stocks.

She had previously defended the practice that allowed insiders from Washington to make millions from the stock market.

But after pressure from outside, Pelosi at least pretended to support a total ban on the practice (while allowing family members and spouses to continue to do so).

Pelosi, however, couldn’t even keep to that promise. According to Rep. Abigail Spanberger, she used “delay tactics” and other schemes that prevented the bill from moving forward.

So, after all that talk, Pelosi still prevented Congress from banning this questionable practice.

Spanberger, a moderate from Virginia, is sick and tired of Pelosi’s games. She called on the Democratic Party to find new leaders on Capitol Hill.

Pelosi has long neglected the moderate wing of her party. In recent years, she’s refused to compromise with moderates and Republicans.

Again and again, she’s bowed to the radical demands of progressives–even when those moves were largely unpopular with Americans.

Now, it seems like she’s not even trying to do what is best for the country or her own party.

Maybe she doesn’t intend to stick around for much longer. Perhaps the rumors are true and she will end up Biden’s ambassador to Italy?

If so, it looks like she’s already checked out.

Key Takeaways:

  • A moderate Democrat is calling for Pelosi’s ousting as House party leader.
  • Abigail Spanberger blamed Pelosi for killing the STOCK Act amendments.
  • This comes as Democrats are poised to lose big in the midterms.

Source: Fox News

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